Nov - 2018
Abby Golder
Abby Golder

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Woman in Your Life (At any Budget)

It’s the most wonderful time of year again, but also one of the most stressful. Let go of your gifting woes with these ten perfect presents for any woman in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your sister, mother, girlfriend, or best pal, there’s something for everyone on this list–and at every price point.

1 – Fashionable Earrings

A pair of earrings may be small in size, but it’s a big gesture. This gift shows you know they love fashion and their personal taste. You can opt for something simple like a pair of studs or small hoops, or something a touch bigger that dangles with a little more flair. Whichever you choose, think about what the lady you’re shopping for likes to wear and base your decision on that.

2 – A Smart Water Bottle

For the fitness buff in your life, grab the latest trend sweeping studios and gyms everywhere. A smart water bottle glows whenever it’s time to take a drink, so she’ll never have to worry about being dehydrated. The water bottle is designed with a textured outside, so it won’t slip out of her grip when working out and can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Some can even sync up to a smartphone and send alerts when it’s time to drink-up, as well as tracks how much water one consumes in a day.

3 – A New Notebook

This simple gesture is also a most personal one. A leather journal inspires creativity and will be the place for all her dreamy thoughts, ideas, and desires. Choose a journal in her favorite color and let the pen hit the pages from there. You can even use a bow to attach a new pen as well.

A notebook our journal is one of the healthiest forms of meditation. Journaling is the latest trend in self-care and is a great gift for those in transitions. Whether your gift receiver is adjusting to a move the bustling New York City or a change in work, a notebook is a thoughtful gift that can create healthy habits.

4 – An Essential Oil Diffuser

On the subject of self-care, an essential oil diffuser is a great addition to any home. This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to take a few minutes a day to meditate and relax, or simply just enjoys a nice smelling home. Most come with light features and timers, so they change colors to fit the mood and will automatically shut off after a set amount of time. The holidays are all about peace on earth, and now she’ll have peace at home too.

5 – New Headphones

Help her block out the holiday stress with a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds. She can bop to her favorite beats at the gym, on her way to work, or simply dancing around her room. These are cordless and sweat-proof, so in other words, perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle.

6 – An Instax

If the woman you’re shopping for loves taking photos and is obsessed with social media, she’ll love an Instax. This fun gift will allow her to take and print pictures in real time wherever she goes. It’s built to last and is small enough that she can bring it to all her social events. You can also include film and fun frames to complete the gift. Say cheese!

7 – The Perfect Handbag

Does the woman you’re shopping for carry her life in a bag? Show her you care by treating her to a new one. Again, keep in mind her personal style and ask yourself if she has a favorite color. You’ll be shopping in the winter season, so your selection can consist of darker, neutral colors. Or, shop the resort collection many brands put out around this year for a bag that feels a little more tropical. She can carry it on her next vacation or when the temperatures rise again. Either way, she’ll use it–and love it.

8 – A Spa Trip

Chances are the woman you’re shopping for is overworked (and perhaps under-appreciated). The ultimate fix for that is a spa trip, complete with a manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial. She’ll get to relax and unwind, letting the holiday stress melt away. As a bonus treat, buy a couple’s package that she can use with her significant other or friend–if you’re lucky, you!

9 – A New Car

If your budget allows, there’s no time like the holidays to pull out all the stops. The special woman in your life deserves a serious upgrade, so do some car research and plan the big purchase. Either give her clues that lead to the car dealership of her choice or buy it ahead of time and put a giant bow on it, so your lucky lady will be completely surprised. You can tease her by wrapping up an air freshener or keychain.

10 – A Trip of Their Dreams

Is there a place the lady you’re gifting for has always wanted to go, but never booked the trip herself? Be the person to make her wanderlust dreams come true. Don’t plan out a full itinerary for them, you want them to have wiggle room to do what they please., but an airline voucher and surprise dinner or activity to do while on the trip is easy to wrap and will have them over the moon.

Whether your budget allows for the perfect accessory or her dream car, there’s no doubt the special woman in your life will be pleased with these holiday gift ideas. It’s the perfect time to start the gift search, so kickstart the fun and load up your cart! Happy Holidays.

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