Nov - 2016
Carolina Velasquez
Passionate about trends, fashion and cool hunting among Latin America.

Customization is The New It Accesory

In an effort to making handbags and accessories more customizable and for the customer to define its own identity and style, designers have been developing different strategies over the years. From patches to pin ups and key chains, their latest creation are interchangeable straps.

From Fendi to Louis Vuitton and other fashion houses have added various straps to their collections. Each with their own essence, provide the user the possibility of changing styles, shapes and esthetics at any time. It reminds us of our very own brand Baletti Handbags (http://www.bymalka.com/marca_cat/baletti/), which allows freedom and versatility to the user, the customer is not only a customer anymore but a designer as well.

These innovations create a more interactive and fun overall shopping experience. Not to mention, the possibility of generating new looks without having to purchase a complete new piece.

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