Feb - 2020
Abby Golder
Abby Golder

4 Simple Ways to Have a Romantic Night In

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to make plans for the infamous holiday. A night out on the town, a reservation at your favorite restaurant, or a trip to the movie theater are all great ways to celebrate love. That said, this year is a great year to switch it up! Check out these simple ways to have a romantic night in.

Enjoy a Home Cooked Meal 

Send the ultimate romantic gesture by preparing a home-cooked meal for your loved one. Or – even better – spend the day shopping, preparing and cooking together! Channel your inner chef and try something new, like a chili-rubbed ribeye steak.

If you’re still looking for a classic steak house atmosphere, dim the lights, put on your perfect date outfit, and set the mood with a candle-lit dinner.

Throw on a Classic Romance Movie

There are dozens of romantic films to enjoy on Valentine’s Day but this year, opt for a classic. Casablanca is a 1942 romance that is sure to pull your heart strings. Whether you’re spending the day with a group of friends or your significant other, there’s no better film to celebrate the power of true love.

A romantic movie calls for the comfiest, cutest pajamas you own. There’s no reason you can’t be cute and cozy at the same time. Pop a fresh bag of popcorn, load up the coffee table with your favorite snacks, and settle in for a night of timeless romance.

Open a Nice Bottle of Red Wine

You don’t need a reason to drink a bottle of wine, but a night in – especially on Valentine’s Day – is a great one. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to grab a nice bottle and a couple of glasses to spark the romance.

Red wine is particularly romantic because it’s considered to be an aphrodisiac. It’s also great to enjoy on colder nights. Either way, consider enjoying your nice bottle of red with a decadent chocolate pairing. If you’d like to add an activity to your simple night in, consider baking your favorite chocolate dessert before settling in on the couch.

If you usually opt for white wine, there are plenty of great options out there as well. Consider opening a bottle of sparkling white wine, for a bit of effervescence that’s sure to set the mood. Or, make a sparkling strawberry spritzer. 

Eat Take Out by Candlelight

If you’d like to take the frills out of a classic romantic dinner, consider keeping it simple by ordering your favorite take out. Whether you opt for pizza or Thai food, you’ll avoid shopping, cooking, cleaning and even getting dressed. If that’s not a simple night, I’m not sure what is. The question is, how do you spark romance? Simply light a few candles, dim the lights, and compliment the meal with your favorite cocktails. Cheers!

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, but most importantly, it’s a day to spend doing activities you love with the people you love. Whether you enjoy a fancy night on the town or a night in your friends or significant other, these tips will be there when you’re ready for a romantic night in.

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