Mar - 2020
Abby Golder
Abby Golder

6 Makeup Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Whether you’re hitting snooze or racing to get kids out the door, there’s no doubt a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning would go a long way. There are many ways to have more time in the morning. You can set your alarm earlier, prep more the night before, opt for a grab-and-go breakfast and even skip your blow dry. That said, rather than setting your alarm earlier, optimize your time with these makeup simple tips that will speed up your morning routine.

Cleanse and Moisturize First

While you might have your morning routine set in stone, it’s never too late to be more efficient. The first step in optimizing your morning routine is starting face-first. When you wake up, head to the sink and wash your face. This help to remove any excess oil, exfoliate, and provides a clean surface for your moisturizer.

After your cleanser, follow with your usual face moisturizer. If possible, opt for a face lotion with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Starting your morning with these two tasks will help you wake up feeling fresh. Plus, it’ll give your skin time to soak in the lotion and hydrate before applying makeup.

Dedicate Time to Your Eyebrows – After Hours

It can take a lot of time to perfect a full brow makeup application. Rather than doing a full-face in the morning, keep it quick and natural. To speed up your morning routine, dedicate time to your brows outside of daily routine.

Consider getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed every two weeks. To make your full-face routine even faster, you can also explore microblading. This will prevent the need to fill your eyebrows at all, let alone when you’re opting for a quick, natural look.

Stain Your Lips

There are plenty of trendy lip care routines out there. That said, the quickest, most efficient way to ensure all-day color is to get a colorful lip stain. When choosing the color, opt for something that will compliment your natural lip color. Then, top with your favorite liner, lipstick or gloss. The stain will provide a long-lasting base and is quick to apply.

Skip the Shadow

Proper eyeshadow application is time consuming. Consequently, it’s best to opt out of this lengthy process and skip the shadow all-together. An all-natural look is not only trendy and quick, but it’s also more comfortable for all-day wear.

Make your eyes pop with a quick application of mascara and – if you’d like a bit more contrast – a thin line of eyeliner. For the natural look, chose brown liner rather than black.

Accent with Earrings

We know this isn’t a makeup trick, but it’s an easy way to add glam or color to your quick, natural look. A neutral makeup application leaves room for a colorful, large earring. Consider adding an organic, colorful earring like these bronze and leather earrings. Or, try these vibrant gold and cotton earrings that are available in 5 colors, making them the perfect pairing for any style.

Add Color with Blush

The finishing touch on your quick and easy morning makeup routine should always be a dash of color. Whether you opt for a pink blush or glimmering bronzer, one quick swipe of the brush and you’ll be out the door. While many natural looks are opting out of the blush and bronzer, we highly suggest it. It adds the finishing touch that makes your look more complete.

When you’re rushing to get out the front door on busy mornings, it’s ideal to optimize and simplify your makeup application. Chances are, there are a few things you can skip to speed up your morning routine. That said, there’s no reason a simplified look can’t be fun; quickly spice it up with unique jewelry and you’ll be out the door in no time.


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