7 Must-have Fall Fashion Trends

The next turn of the calendar we begin the move towards cooler weather and one of the favorite seasons for fashion – fall! The red leaves are signs to break out boots, sweaters, and warm accessories. With all the new styles for fall being introduced among popular brands, it’s time to do some research on emerging fall fashions so you know what’s on trend this year.

Fortunately, those of us who love relaxed and comfortable clothing, are in luck. Easy wear still seems to be at the forefront of the season’s trends. However, along with the expected silhouette of sweaters and scarves, there is some unique flare you can add to your wardrobe this year. Fabrics like metallics, velvet, and sequins have all made their way to the runway.

It can be difficult to transform high fashion looks from the runways to wearable outfits, so we’ve put together some tips on how to achieve a fashion-forward fall wardrobe without looking too avant-garde.



When layering is done on the runway, it is often overexaggerated. Very few people are comfortable in a coat twice their weight and size. It’s not uncommon for a model to strut her stuff in a dress, vest, and three other outer layers. Let’s face it: This just wouldn’t pass as an acceptable ensemble no matter how low the temperature drops.

Recreating this look can be successfully accomplished a variety of ways. Take on the trend by wearing jeans, a graphic tee, an open cardigan, and a fashionable jacket. Add a scarf and hat if the weather allows. Before the snow falls, opt for a stylish boot with a bare ankle, but as soon as signs of winter show, opt for a warm, long sock.

If you’d like to try a more formal layered look, wear a pencil skirt, tights, and a low heel paired with a button down and military jacket over top. Finish this look with a streamlined purse and a cuff bracelet.



It should come as no surprise that southwest inspired items are creeping their way into our high fashion runway shows and magazines. For years, interior design has been embracing desert-inspired home goods like cowhide rugs, cacti, macramé, and natural ceramics. It only makes sense that this trend would spill over into what we wear.

While runways are showing exaggerated fringe, enormous belt buckles, traditional ponchos, and full-blown cowboy hats, this look can be toned down for the everyday woman. Instead of accessorizing with a traditional large, oval belt buckle, look for a style with a more simplistic buckle but with western accents like leather embossing. Opt for a leather jacket or purse with fringe, a sweater with a poncho-inspired print, and a fedora reminiscent of a traditional cowboy hat.

While the trends listed above are best executed using restraint, there is one western fashion trend we are glad to see returning: western boots. If you hop on board with this trend, remember to retire your boots as soon as the snow falls. The slick heels on cowboy boots are not ideal for ice!



Florals for fall? Absolutely! Consider us glad that this trend is not fading with the summer season. This fall, expect to see bold floral patterns on dark backgrounds. High fashion runways were awash with over the top bouquet-inspired prints and shoes, but we believe there are ways to integrate this look into an everyday wardrobe.

While not everyone will look good in a head-to-toe floral print, it is a lovely pattern to add to an otherwise simple outfit. Try this look at home by picking up a floral camisole or tee shirt to wear underneath a cardigan. Keep an eye out for floral scarves in deep hues or even a bag featuring some fall-appropriate blooms. Take on florals and layers by wearing a unique bralette, topped with a sheer shirt, cardigan and floral scarf.



The high fashion runways have been featuring tons full coverage looks, many with added volume. A common sight this year was the padded jacket. While this style of coat was originally introduced to keep those in frigid climates nice and warm, it has recently become an iconic symbol of winter recreation and fashion.

While a padded jacket is often worn for its function and not its fashion, there are ways to integrate this item into your wardrobe in a way that says more than “I’m cold”. Before the dead of winter hits, wear this item draped over your shoulders for an instant ‘cool’ factor or layer a padded vest over a blazer or sleek military jacket. Finish off the look with bold earrings to show intention and stylish flair.



This fall season is all about dramatic volume. Whether it’s with layers, puffer jackets, or the unexpected trend of padded shoulders. For years, women have been cutting the padding out of vintage finds and hand-me-downs, but now it seems the tables are turning. On the runway, this trend is expectedly over-the-top with clown-like silhouettes and bold colors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for the everyday.

In real life, this trend can be executed in a subtler way that will add structure and sophistication to any look. Keep an eye out for blazers with slightly exaggerated shoulders or sweaters with sleeves featuring a hint of volume. It’s important to remember that this look can be achieved without actual padding. It’s all about proportion and what best suits you!

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