7 Style Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are finally here, which means your calendar is likely full of Christmas festivities! Getting a look together can be challenging at times but we have created a great list that can help guide you through this holiday season! Don’t be shy until after New Year’s, go out with a bang and stand out!

Leave the Denim Out

There is no reason you need to wear denim all 12 months of the year. Ditch the denim the month of straight holiday parties and go out with tapered black trousers or a pair of pants in a fun, festive color scheme. Store away the denim for just the holiday month and try something new!

Choose a Statement-making Coat

Chances are, it is going to be cold outside, so why not cover yourself in a coat that’ll make a statement? Go for a chic coat when headed to your holiday parties. It’ll be the first thing people notice when entering your festivities.

If you want to stand out, you can always get a fur, leather, or embroidered coat. Don’t forget to make sure it fits you properly. If it doesn’t, find a neighborhood tailor and have them make the perfect fit.

Go Bold with Jewelry

If you’ve ever wanted to go bold with jewelry, the holidays are a perfect time. Sparkle up your arm up with a gold and emerald cuff bracelet. Match that bold piece with a pair of unique gold hoops and finish it off with the bulky necklace you have been wanting to show off.

Holiday parties are the perfect place to make a statement, but if you plan on making a bold move with your jewelry, make sure to keep your outfit simple.

Opt for a High Boot

Skip the booties; go for a high boot! Chances are, you have at least a couple pairs of booties in your closet but let’s tuck those away this holiday season.

Nothing stands out more than a woman who can strut in high boots. Go for a solid black or if you are feeling bold, a tall, red velvet boot is sure to stand out.

Add Some Color and Sparkle

There is no better time than the holidays to add some shimmer to your outfit. You can add a sequined skirt, metallic top, or crystal-embellished shoe. Just remember not to go overboard with the sparkle, we don’t want you looking like a Christmas tree!

Nothing says, “Happy Holidays” more than some festive color throughout your attire. Don’t be afraid to add some neon or some acid brights to help your outfit pop. You can even incorporate Christmas colors into your jewelry if you are feeling extra jolly.

Plus, if your outfit is simple, you can opt for a festive piece of jewelry. Festive, charmed earrings and bracelets are a great way to be festive without going overboard.

Experiment with Lipstick Color

Maybe bold lipstick isn’t in your everyday makeup routine, but the holidays are a great reason to try new things! Red lipstick is always a good choice but make sure to buy the proper red tone to match your skin color.

If you aren’t a fan of red lipstick opt for something calmer, like a light pink or glittery gloss. Shimmery lips are perfect to bring in the New Year!

Don’t Shy Away from a Fierce Pattern

Leopard print is making a comeback and we are all about it. You can throw leopard into your outfit to add a little sass at any point of the day. If you want to keep it mellow, add it to your jewelry or even your shoes. If you are trying to keep it casual, go with some leopard flats.

Christmas parties are just beginning, step out of your comfort zone with one of these tips. Mix up your Holiday wardrobe and make a bold statement!

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