Mar - 2018
Carolina Velasquez
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The Beauty Products you NEED!

At By Malka, we also LOVE taking good care of our skin and trying new products! Which is why we have listed the ones we are currently obsessed with and can’t live without!

– AMORE PACIFIC– we are not just loving their cosmetics, but also their skincare line. Asian botanicals are the core ingredients of AMORE PACIFIC , they use bamboo, red ginseng and most importantly EGCG polyphenol found only in green tea. All these agents hydrate, firm, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and provide your skin with a gorgeous glow. We specially recommend their Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, their Vintage Single Extract Essence and last but certainly not least their Treatment Enzyme Peel.

– DRUNK ELEPHANT – Tiffany Masterson has truly indulged our skin with her “clean based” line, where she has identified the Suspicious 6, six toxic ingredients for your skin. We are obsessed with her Lala Retro Whipped cream, its texture is rich without being oily or heavy, and you can feel how it truly hydrates your skin.

– SKII – Pitera has changed our lives. And so what is a Pitera? Pitera is a naturally derived liquid from the sake fermentation process. SKII was born at a sake brewery in Japan where scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces but beautiful soft and youthful-looking hands, and this was thanks to Pitera. SKII star product is without a doubt their Facial Treatment Essence which will boost your skin to a more radiant and youthful one.

– FAB – First Aid Beauty has also been one of our most recent discoveries, FAB is a relatively new brand (founded in 2009) and their mission is to help our skin look and feel its best, every single day! We are loving their Pure Skin Face Cleanser, which has an amazing texture and actually cleans your skin without being harsh or abrasive. Also, their Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, this one leaves your skin like a new born!

We hope you find useful all of our tips and reviews from our current favorite products!

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