Give Your Closet a New-Year Refresh

New year, new you…right? Well, that’s how the old maxim goes anyway, so start small when it comes to your New Year reinvention by clearing out your closet. Not only could you make some cash selling off your old stuff, but you’ll also start the year on a high note of productivity. Read on for our closet decluttering tips and

4 Fashion Trends Taking Charge in 2019

We know you were just getting into the swing of things with your winter wardrobe. That said, now that 2018 is behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming fashion trends taking charge in 2019. Don’t worry—spring isn’t quite here yet, so there are a couple of months to transition your wardrobe for the new season. If you’re already feeling

Nov - 2018
Abby Golder

How to be Warm (and Fashionable) this Winter

The challenge to look stylish while also staying warm in the winter is no easy battle. Even if you’re just running from your house to the car, you want to look good and stay protected against Jack Frost. Say “goodbye” to the cold with these five winter fashion tips. 1 – Think Layers Colder weather means bundling up, but that


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