Oct - 2018
Abby Golder

A Fashion Guide for Traveling to New York City

New Yorkers stick to a sophisticated style that values comfort and convenience just as much as fashion. With all the amazing restaurants, museums, and neighborhoods to explore, you’ll want to pack strategically in order to fit in with the stylish locals instead of sticking out like a tourist. Here are the key pieces and accessories you should bring on your

Oct - 2018
Abby Golder

Fashion Trends for Every Pre-wedding Event

You’ve just gotten engaged and the months that lie ahead will be some of the most exciting days you and your significant other share together. It’s time to plan the intricate details leading up to your big day, but first – it’s time to celebrate, and you should do it in style! With so many smaller events leading up to

7 Must-have Fall Fashion Trends

The next turn of the calendar we begin the move towards cooler weather and one of the favorite seasons for fashion – fall! The red leaves are signs to break out boots, sweaters, and warm accessories. With all the new styles for fall being introduced among popular brands, it’s time to do some research on emerging fall fashions so you


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