7 Functional and Unique Bridesmaids’ Gift Ideas

Your wedding is a special day that’s best shared with friends and family. Your bridesmaids help make your experience extra-special, so you want to show them appreciation. Bridesmaids gifts are a great way to commemorate the occasion. There are plenty of products marked “bridesmaid” on the market. These are cute on the actual day, but after the wedding has passed,

6 Ways to Make a Simple Outfit Pop

Simple outfits are the foundation of fashion – a plain cake waiting to be decorated.   Just a few basic wardrobe essentials can be worn an endless number of ways if you know what you’re doing. A little black dress (LBD) in a classic silhouette can be dressed up for a wedding, worn to work, or hit a poolside barbecue.

6 Items Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

Fashion can take many forms. Not only is fashion a way to protect you against the elements, but it also serves as a means to express yourself. The best quality of fashion is that it is both a language and an art form. Just a few simple additions to your outfit can have a tremendous effect, oftentimes boosting your confidence


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