5 Makeup Trends for Busy Moms

Busy moms know that creating time for a makeup routine in the morning often transforms into rushing out the door with a coffee in one hand and car keys in another. Make room for a makeup brush in that hand with one (or all) of these five makeup trends that will have you looking and feeling beautiful all day long.

1 – Make Yourself Blush

If you only have 30 seconds in the morning, opt for blush. This quick trick will brighten up your face and create the appearance of a full night’s rest (whether you actually slept or not). Use a brush to apply it onto the apples of your checks, or use your fingers to blend the color back if you’re using a liquid blush. Be sure to toss it in your bag in case you need to refresh later in the day.

2 – Throw on a Bright Lip

Whether it’s the only makeup you’re wearing or the final touch, a bright lip will take your look to the next level. Not only does it add a pop of color to your face and match any fun accessories you’re wearing, but it also provides necessary hydration to your lips. A lip balm with a sheer tint is a healthy and fashionable choice that will leave your lips looking great and feeling healthy.

When you’re feeling bold, a fun color choice is a perfect pick-me-up. Red is a forever classic, while pinks are fun for summer. Whichever you choose, opt for long-lasting so it will stay on throughout all your cups of coffee. Plus, it’s easy to touch up lipstick throughout the day, whether you’re headed to the beach or soccer practice.

3 – Full Coverage with Foundation

To create the illusion that you aren’t wearing any makeup at all, go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It’s a simple way to make people wonder “how does she do it?” and will give your skin a healthy shield of SPF. The easiest way to apply this is with your fingers. This will also ensure you don’t use too much. If you want a little extra coverage, use a foundation brush and powder foundation to color-correct and erase any blemishes.

4 – The Perfect Natural Eye

Remember these three E’s: eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyeliner. This trifecta will ensure you look refreshed and ready to go, and it’s worth the extra seconds in the morning. Use a brow pencil to sculpt and fill out your brows–it will make all the difference, even if your eyebrows haven’t seen tweezers in months. Then, use a dark eyeshadow or eye pencil for your eyeliner.

These are especially helpful if you don’t have a steady hand–simply use a brush to create a line on the top eyelid. And for a final touch, throw on a layer of mascara to make your eyes truly pop (pro-tip: only apply to the top layer). This tried-and-true step will make your eyes look bigger and more awake for the entire day.

5 – Highlight Your Beauty

This beauty trend has quickly become a mainstay in the makeup routines of every busy woman. A gold-toned highlighter looks great on all skin types and tones and will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy. Apply to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and in the corners of your eyes to get glowing. This is also a great look if you have a date-night scheduled for later as well.

A beauty routine doesn’t have to take more than five minutes of your time and you deserve it! And no, this doesn’t mean applying your mascara at the next red light. Between putting toys in their baskets, getting shoes on the kids, and checking off your to-do list, it’s hard to find time for yourself. All of these tips and tricks range from full-glam to a simple, natural look that will have you ready to face the day ahead. It doesn’t even require waking up earlier to allow yourself the space to feel like your most beautiful self.

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