Beach Approved: Palma Canaria

Palma Canaria is the most recent creation of mother-daughter duo Monica Arbelaez and Juliana Quintero, who have designed the trendiest pool and beach essentials every Colombian fashionista wants right now.

Their unique designs are a refreshing alternative for those who want classic yet fun pieces with catchy words like: “HOT”, “WHATEVER”, “AMOUR” and our favorite “LA FANTASTICA” referring to Colombia’s Caribbean magical city Cartagena La Fantastica.  Some clutches or pieces also have inspiring poetry passages as well as creative figures such was lemons, flamingos, watermelons, crabs and other tropical creatures or elements.

Monica and Juliana design from beach bags, handbags, clutches to hats, espadrilles and hand fans.  Each item is 100% handcrafted in natural iraca palm fiber by Colombian artisans.

This is only Palma Canaria’s first collection, and we can help but want EVERYTHING!

Hello Daniela Salcedo

Daniela Salcedo is the latest it jewelry brand for Colombian fashionistas. At only 26, Daniela has conquered not only Colombia, but also Mexico, Panama and even Australia. Her jewelry is accompanied by amazing inspirational quotes, which in one way or another will make us feel identified with her and the brand. She has created a unique identity with her hand-written notes and also her impeccable fashion sense, Daniela herself has 117K followers on Instagram (@danielasalcedo22), which follow, like and admire her style.

Each one of her pieces is inspired by her own dreams, the designer has claimed to even write down her dreams at night in order to not forget them. Although her brand is relatively new it has grown tremendously in a very short period of time, the whole business idea started as a college assignment where she realized the potential her jewelry could have in the market.

Salcedo doesn’t seize to amaze us with her charisma, creativity and fashion sense which is why we are ecstatic to offer her latest collection at Malka!

The Clutches we are Obsessed With!

Why are all of our clients obsessed with these clutches?!

Maybe because they are adorable or maybe because they go with every outfit you could think of.   Postino Vampirela and Felina Clutches are the perfect complement for your fall looks.

Postino is a Colombian brand established in 2004 created by longtime friends Ana Fernandez and Gloria Saldarriaga.  Fernandez having studied fashion and textile design in Italy and Saldarriaga as the director of the MAMBO (Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota) in Colombia have created one of the most well known handbags brands in the country.

Their designs usually involve some type of leather but in this case the Vampirelas and Felinas are 100% leather-free, being handcrafted in coated canvas.  They are extremely light and resistant. Plus, the magnetized closure makes them extra secure and safe! If you are looking for a little something to give your outfit a twist? These little clutches are fun and different, as well as versatile for day and night.

They are definitely one of our favorites, and we can tell yours too!

Photo credit: Kelly Saks from Kelly’s Kloset