The Ultimate Winter Wedding Outfit Guide

When it comes to finding the perfect winter wedding outfit, there’s a lot of aspects to consider. You want to stay warm but you also want to dress for the occasion and be fashionable. Being invited to a winter wedding can give you the chance to experiment with a new look, but just make sure you follow the dress code and acknowledge the location of the wedding. Check out this guide for being fashionable and functional at your next winter wedding.

Go for Something Form Fitting

Every woman loves something that fits her perfectly. When shopping for the perfect ensemble, find something that fits you and that is flattering to your body type. If it’s a formal affair, don’t go with something flashy or sexy, but something that is modest and appealing.

Make sure you find out if the wedding is black tie, white tie, or casual ahead of time so you can dress accordingly.

Opt for a Shorter Heel

We all love wearing high heels, but let’s save those for summer weddings. Give your feet a break and head out in a smaller heel. Your dancing feet will you love for that.

If the wedding you are attending brings colder weather, opt for a booty so your toes stay warm or make sure your heels are closed-toed. We don’t want your feet freezing, especially if the reception is outdoors.

Keep your Makeup Natural

It’s the holidays, but we don’t need to go all-in on the makeup when attending a formal wedding. Keep the natural look in your mind when you start to get ready. Stick with nudes, light pinks, and subtle shimmer. If you want to spice it up a little consider wearing a bold lipstick or gloss.

Settle for Dainty with Jewelry 

When pairing your jewelry with your outfit, keep it chic and simple. Save the bigger pieces of jewelry for the holiday parties.

Shop for jewelry to match your outfit go with a dainty bracelet and a thin hoop earring, leave the necklace at home this time. We are going for the delicate look this winter wedding season.

Wear Dark Tones that Compliment the Season

Keep to dark and warm tones when planning your outfit. It is the winter season and we should keep that in mind when dressing for the occasion.

Stray away from bright and vibrant colors, we don’t want to take the attention away from the bride. Look for a dark maroon or even black for the occasion. This way, you’ll be able to pair silver jewelry with your outfit.

Choose Long Dresses and Pants

It is winter, so leave the cocktail dresses tucked away. Look for a long dress that flows off of your legs nicely or even a mid-shin length. You either want to show off your shoes or you don’t.

If you want to show off a little leg, shop for a long sleeve so you aren’t showing too much skin. Plus, you’ll be able to stay warm without compromising your look with a jacket.

Consider Layering  

Layering is a must, especially if the event is outdoors. Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to layer up. Even if the wedding is not outside, wear a scarf and a nice long coat just in case you end up outdoors for a breath of fresh air.

If it is outside you’ll want to make sure you have a heavy coat, leather gloves, and an appropriate hat or headband. You don’t want to be shivering as your friends walk down the aisle.

When planning for a winter wedding outfit, always make sure you plan and acknowledge the formality and the location. Keep it modest and delicate when planning your outfit.

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Miami Fashion Week 2017


Which is why Miami Fashion Week 2017 kicked off yesterday with fellow Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi. The off-shoulder look is not going anywhere, neither are ruffles and handmade basket bags.

Miami is known for being the connection between Latin America and South America with the North American continent, having becoming in the past decades the northern capital of Latin America (you could say Miami’s fist language is Spanish).  As so, Miami Fashion Week will mainly feature Latin designers including Rene Ruiz, Yirko Sivirich, Shantall Lacayo among other great talents.

Also, the fashion’s week honorary president this year Antonio Banderas will be hosting a benefit gala today June 2nd. Other guest speakers will include: Lucy Lara, editor-in-chief of Glamor Mexico & Latin America, Javier Goyeneche, president and founder of Ecoalf, Barbara Hulanichi, designer and artist, Orsola De Castro, founder and director of Fashion Revolution among others.

Most fashion runways are being carried out at the Ice Palace Film Studios and are by invitation only. But, there are other events open to the public as  the Master Class led by industry experts on sustainable fashion, and Diego Torres Concert, both on June 3rd.

This is just the beginning for Miami as another Fashion capital, and we can’t wait to see what more is to come!

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10 Coolest 2017 Coachella Trends!

These are the most popular trends at Coachella this year which you must adopt into your closet asap!

  1. Off the shoulder, its been already two years since this trend came back, and it is certainly not going away any time soon. Bare shoulders and arms where seen on shirts and dresses. Gives an elegant yet sensual look for any occasion.
  2. Mermaids, we all wanted be one when we were little, and deep inside we still do. From shell-shaped accessories to shimmering sequined garments imitating scales, this fun trend is here to stay!
  3. Fringe, we’ve seen it in handbags, shoes and all type of clothing. These loose threads will always give the perfect hippie-chic vibe to our outfits.
  4. Chunky platforms, thank God! Fashion has already started being more mindful with our feet’s well-being, providing multiple stylish sneakers, espadrilles, flat boots and the latest trend: platforms. Platforms are a comfortable alternative for those who don’t want to give up those extra inches.
  5. Bralettes, crop tops what? Bralettes are the new crop tops, shorter and sexier, simply put, bralettes are outdoor bras with a twist.
  6. Unicorn hair, oh yes! Not only does Starbucks now have a Unicorn Frappuccino, but now everyone is into rainbow-shiny hair.
  7. Space buns, the 90’s are back! The hair-style we all were obsessed with is back! Poppy Delavigne and Jessica Hart were both seen rocking this cool look.
  8. Fishnet tights, bold black nets, pastel bejeweled fishnets and even short ankle socks version were seen. Fishnet tights were seen everywhere!
  9. Colored lenses, yellow, pink, light blue, you name it. Retro sunglasses were seen all over thanks to designers like Gucci and Coach.
  10. Cowboy boots, bring those Daisy Dukes out! Paired with floral dresses, denim shorts, and rompers, gave outfits the coolest Coachella vibes.

Expoartesanias 2016

Expoartesanias is Colombia’s largest craft fair, this one takes place at the end of each year in Corferias.  A few days ago we visited the exhibition, not once but twice, there is just so much to see, discover and admire that a single day just wasn’t enough.

From clothes and jewelry, to house articles and toys, you would just be amazed of how much talent and creativity there exists among Colombian artisans, designers and entrepreneurs.  Mochila heaven is a big part of expoartesanias, you will find the most delicate knits in gorgeous vivid colors and combinations which are the perfect accessory for a glamazonic look.

Apparel also drove our attention, we discovered beautiful one-of-a-kind swimsuit labels and designers.  The traditional “ruanas” where everywhere, these are hand-sewn poncho-style garments typical from the Andres region and are as emblematic as the sombrero vueltiao.  Speaking of, hats is another product which was very popular among the fair, in different shapes, colors and other variations (and in this case pom poms where EVERYWHERE), a Colombian hat will scream “latin luxury”.

The jewelry section is one of the largest amongst the exposition, and filigree seems to be ruling the industry among the country.  You will find hundreds of accessories and designs in gold, silver and rose gold. It is as simple as wearable art.

We hope this small glimpse on Expoartesanias will encourage you to visit Colombia and our fair!

Fashion & Art Basel

Art Basel is one of the best events that take place in Miami. Designers, artists and celebrities from all over the world come to the city for this exciting experience.  This year, fashion events have become a norm.  Lots of brands and especially magazine have been hosting their own events full of cocktails, fashion and delicious appetizers.

Aside from all the parties that have been going on, the convention center at south beach has been hosting Design Miami which is the global forum for design.  This fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world.  The exhibitions this year in Design Miami are said to be breathtaking. With big fashion power houses such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton having their own installations in the interior design area, there are a lot of wonderful things to see in this fair.

Although Art Basel is a great season, it can get super hectic which is why one should avoid going to places that are too mainstream.  Grab a drink at Soho House and dinner at Komodo and you might even run into your favorite celeb.  

When it comes to party attire, be prepared to shine.  People go BIG on art basel and I’m talking all sorts of fashion avant garde. It is crazy how much inspiration one can get from walking through the exhibitions because you see so many interesting people that are innovative in their own way.

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Sip & Shop Fall Event

Our latest event took place at the POOL Labshow store in Coral Gables and in case you missed it, we will tell you everything that went down!

Sip and shop, what a better way to spend an afternoon? Champagne, lemonade, small bites, cookies and even ice cream from VIXI Gelateria along with the latest apparel trends from European designers being showcased at the POOL Labshow and the latest FW 16 jewelry and accessories collections from Colombian designers.

We are absolutely obsessed with one of the latest additions to Malka: Baletti. Made in 100% Italian leather and manufactured in Colombia, Baletti’s creators have nailed it by introducing the fist interchangeable bag in the market.  How? Baletti handbags are made up of two pieces: bases and covers, where if you purchase one base and 2 covers you will automatically have two different handbags in one.  Best part of all? Each handbag comes with its individual wallet and shoulder strap. Definitely a winner!

These were one of the highlights of the evening.  Another wonderful surprise was Liza Echeverry’s Wall in Motion FW16 collection launch at the event, Liza does not cease to amaze with her impeccable taste and jewels.  For this specific collection, the designer has achieved movement in the pieces.

Our very special guest? Kelly Saks from Kelly’s Kloset, not only Kelly has one of the best styles in town, but she is also the sweetest!  She delighted us with her amazing fashion advice and also tried some of her favorite Malka pieces like Laura Davila’s Anya Onix Earrings and Gia choker and Maria Paula Castillo’s Malia Choker.

Thank you so much to those of you who accompanied us through the evening!

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Malka Trunkshow Valentines Day


A couple of weeks ago, I attended a trunk show of an emerging Colombian website called Malka. I had the pleasure of getting the first hand information from a close friend of mine who happens to be a co-founder of this website.

Malka was born out of the passion of two Colombian friends who realized the potential and talent that lied in hand crafted jewelry and other accesories by young designers in their home country. For those of you who may not know, I am originally from Colombian so it makes me extremely happy that these girls are trying to promote Colombian brands. The brands that they are selling on their website are beyond beautiful and I recommend each one of them. Colombian designers are become more popular each year so you should get your pieces before the hype begins.

Malka presents a unique experience offering collections created by designers combining rough and polished stones, a diverse blend of materials and state of the art large scale color combinations. Malka is recognized and admired for choosing distinct unique designs by masters using the finest materials. They offer style that allows clients to express their individuality and style. 

I recommend you guys to check Malka’s website so you can see some of the amazing products that they are selling. They are only selling online and they ship worldwide which makes it super easy for everyone to have access to. I took some pictures of some jewelry and accessories from brands like Tres Almas, Liza Echeverry, Pajaro Limon and Mola Sasa. I am also happy to announce that I will be a contributing blogger for Malka’s blog so you will be seeing a lot of collaborations with this emerging online shopping website.