How to Save Money on Jewelry without Buying Cheap Metals

It’s difficult to find high-quality jewelry at low prices. So instead, you may decide you don’t want to spend $50 on a pair of gold-plated hoops because your local discount fashion store has cheap metal hoops for $5. But the problem with these cheap pieces is that they’ll wear out fast, plus they’re usually not made from sustainable resources. You’ll end up spending more money on 20 pairs of earrings that break and aren’t good for the planet either.

It’s better to invest in a few pieces that cost more initially but will last a long time. Silver, gold, and platinum fine jewelry are the most coveted materials but may be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, there are many nice options between the $5 earrings and $50,000 earrings.

Look for Plated Jewelry

Plated jewelry is a great way to start collecting high-quality pieces with a lower price point. Plating simply means that base metal, such as copper, brass, or nickel, gets coated with a thin layer of a higher-quality metal like silver, gold, or platinum.

The fact that’s it not a solid piece of an expensive metal makes the jewelry much more affordable. And, because the base metals used are strong, the piece won’t bend or break the way a softer material like gold does.

Regardless of whether your personal style leans more trendy or classic, there are many stylish silver or gold-plated pieces available. Begin building your collection with a few more classic pieces with a twist, like gold hoop earrings.

Shop Online

These days, you can buy almost anything online and fine jewelry is no exception.  During your search, you may find places that sell gold, silver or platinum jewelry for deeply discounted prices. However, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Often these pieces are mass-produced by machinery. Mass-produced pieces may be of lesser quality or use up additional precious resources. Some websites may charge excessive amounts for shipping because their product prices are so low.

To get the most value, look for handcrafted jewelry that will support local economies and artisans. Read reviews, find out where the pieces are manufactured, carefully select your pieces, and make your purchases from there.

Budget for a Jewelry Subscription Box

If you like to stay on trend but are on a tight monthly budget, jewelry can feel like a big splurge. That said, expanding your jewelry collection is still possible, especially with the new trend of jewelry subscription boxes.

Consider creating a budget that allows you to spend $10-$30 per month (or even bi-monthly) on a few trendy pieces of jewelry. Plus, you’ll get the perk of having them delivered right to your door! These pieces aren’t likely to be plated or made of genuine silver, but you’ll get the fun of trying out new jewelry anyway.

Scour the Clearance Rack

Some of the best jewelry deals can be found in the clearance section. When you’re in a store, check out the red tags in the fine jewelry section first to see if there are any great markdowns on high-quality jewelry. Sale jewelry is even easier to find online, as most stores have a specific “SALE” section on their websites.

Also, be on the lookout for coupon codes that give you free shipping, or consider combining orders to get the minimum shipping amount required for free shipping.

Spend More on the Classics

One good strategy when you begin collecting jewelry is to start with the classics. Classics are things that will never go out of style. They’ll also go with any outfit.

Items like strands of simple pearls and diamond studs that can dress up any outfit are always great choices. Hoop earrings are another go-to classic look for anyone. A simple chain with a pendant also matches with everything.

It’s worth spending a little bit more on these items because you’ll want to keep them forever. Think of them as pieces you can pass down to a younger relative.

No matter what your budget, it’s possible to start investing a little bit in jewelry. Start small, look for deals, and select plated jewelry to get the most value for your money.

Let’s Start Living Sustainably!

Woke up today with yet another devastating natural disaster. This time it was an earthquake with an 8.1 magnitude that took place in Mexico. Meanwhile, the caribbean is struggling with not 1 but 3 hurricanes, IRMA being the strongest and scariest of them all. I moved from Miami one month ago and I am scared as to what will happen. Yet, I am more scared of all that can happen if we do not pay attention to all of these natural disasters. I cannot help but worry about all these disasters going on and I cannot stress enough how desperately mother earth is talking to us.

We have abused her, misused her and today we are paying the consequences of such abuse. Not only do we need prayer so survive these circumstances but we as human beings need to take action. There is some deep irreversible damage that has already been done but this does not mean that from now on we cannot help. Yes we can help. All of us. Sustainability is something we can all partake in. And yes, it is true that some people have more influence than others. World leaders need to be involved in the process of taking care of planet earth and soothing the disastrous effect of climate change.

Climate change is present and very real and yet we have people such as the President of the U.S. that still deny that it is a reality. Among his many threats to the environment, he continues to deny protection to his country’s soil. In my last last year of living in the U.S., I had to see the people Standing Rock (Dakota Access pipeline) trying to protect their land from being ruined and poisoned, yet their President went against them instead of supporting them. But my intention here is not to go political, my intention is to spread a call to action.

Do not undermine the power of nature. This is nothing but merely effect of the misuse and mistreatment of the world we live in. Our global leaders need to start promoting practices and laws that will protect the environment, at the same time making people consciously understand what is going on.

But it doesn’t just end with global leaders, everyone needs to pitch in. In your house, in your neighborhood or in your community. The opportunities are endless. In all aspects of life: we need to be sustainable in the way we think, build, teach, create fabrics, shower, recycle, etc. To all my fashion friends, did you know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? Take a minute to read the environmental impact this industry has on your health and surroundings.

Change cannot start when we are losing our houses, swimming in floods and unable to breathe. Change needs to start before. Humans need to watch over mother earth as our ally, to nurture it and not to exploit it. Be gentle, be caring and most of all be awake. Stay awake, do not let yourself be tricked by everything you see in the media. Inform yourself and do something. Not only for yourself but for your loved ones. Do not be selfish. We can all unite and help planet earth. Not only in prayers but in actions.