A Packing Guide for Traveling Abroad

Now that the New Year is in full swing, it’s time to focus on all the trips you have planned this year. We all know that packing for long trips can be difficult – even more difficult when your trip is overseas. We have created the perfect packing guide to follow so you don’t overpack for your future trips!

First Thing’s First, Swimsuits

You don’t need to bring all of your cutest swimsuits when it comes to traveling to a tropical island or even just somewhere with a beach. That said, you should only bring 3-4 of your favorite suits.

When packing your bathing suits think about which ones you don’t mind getting into the water with. Bring an older suit to go boarding or surfing, that way you aren’t worried about ruining your new, favorite suit. Bring a new suit but only plan on wearing that on boating days, that way you know you won’t have a chance of ruining it. Also, consider bringing a suit that you can tan in to avoid any unwanted tan lines.

The Perfect Kimono 

Pack that gorgeous kimono you have been dying to wear. It is perfect for your relaxing days that don’t include swimming. A kimono is perfect to lounge in when sailing or relaxing on the patio. You have the best of both worlds when wearing a kimono; you want to wear a swimsuit but you don’t want to be too revealing.

Kimonos are perfect for your vacation, you can wear them out on the water or around in your hotel room or AirBnB.

Leave the Stilettos and Bring the Wedges

You don’t need to bring those tall stilettos you wore to your New Years’ eve party. Make sure to leave those at home when you begin packing for your vacation. Focus on comfortability and functional footwear. While you probably have some fine-dining to attend while on your vacation or a romantic night out in the city, you still want to be comfortable.

Wedges are the perfect pair of shoes to bring on your vacation, you can dress them up or down. You can always count on wedges to be comfortable and match simple outfits or more formal attire. Bringing just a couple of pairs of wedges should suffice for your trip.

Make Sure to Pack for Rain or Shine

Even if the forecast is calling for clear skies throughout your trip, that is rarely the case. You should always be prepared to encounter some rain, even if it doesn’t show in the forecast. Pack a nice light rain jacket and some cute booties that are all-weather.

You don’t want to be unprepared for the slight chance of rain, and that tourist that wasn’t fully prepared for anything and everything that mother nature throws at you.

Additionally, you should be prepared for both warm and cooler climates. While the temperature might be warm, different levels of humidity can affect how the air feels on your skin. Pack for cooler and warmer temps, regardless of the forecast.

Choose the Appropriate Luggage

Choose your luggage based on how long your trip is going to be and how much you need to pack. When in doubt, opt for luggage that is medium size, that way you can pack enough for the trip without having to lug around a giant suitcase. If you need to bring an extra bag, make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to haul around the airports and potential layovers you might encounter.

When packing for your next vacation keep these tips in mind. You want to be able to have a great time and not worry about anything, let alone if you brought the right outfits and are prepared for the slightest chance of rain. Make a checklist and check it twice, just to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

8 Comfortable Yet Stylish Outfits to Wear While Traveling

Travel can be an uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be! Often times you’re squished into a tight seat, the temperature is either too hot or too cold, and it’s hard to relax until you get to your final destination.

One way that can be remedied is to dress in a way that’ll help you relax and get as cozy as possible. Sitting in a car for a road trip or on a plane for an oversees flight can certainly be difficult, but if you have an outfit that fits and looks stylish, you’ll be all the more comfortable!

Here are a few outfit ideas to consider for your next trip to ensure that you’re comfortable in whatever travel situation you find yourself in.

Refined Cozy

Instead of putting on sweatpants, leggings or pajamas, opt for a fashionable tracksuit. Many brands make cute joggers with matching bomber jackets. Pair this duo with some all-white athletic shoes and your surrounding passengers will envy your comfort and style!

From Cool to Warm

When traveling a long distance, chances are that the climate between destinations with vary. Plus, planes are kept cool to avoid anyone from overheating and getting sweaty (and consequently smelly). Traveling to NYC during the winter almost guarantees the need for some warmer-than-normal attire. Even the most comfortable sedans and SUVS don’t allow for ideal temperature control.

To avoid being cold throughout your travel, wrap a flannel around your waist, wear a detailed short-sleeved shirt, and top with a zip-up fleece jacket. This allows you to carry multiple layers without filling up the minimal space in your carry on.

Warm and Classy

Dresses are one of the most comfortable clothing options when traveling, plus you’re guaranteed to look stylish. Sweater dresses are all the rage in 2019, and they are easy to pair with other accessories. If you’re headed to town right when you get to your destination, this is a perfect outfit choice. Grab your favorite handbag and dress up the look with a pair of high-fashion earrings and you’re ready to go!

Celebrity Inspired

Celebrities are well rehearsed in the world of travel. Because of this, it’s easy to turn to them for comfortable and stylish travel outfit inspiration. One of the most common looks you’ll see among start in airports is a short wedge shoe, designer jeans, detailed belt, and simple t-shirt. Not only is this outfit comfortable for travel, but it also allows for easy accessorizing. Add a hat, cute handbag, and some trendy jewelry to round out this look!



Put the “leisure” into “athleisure” with this comfortable outfit that’s perfect to travel in. Throw on a pair of high-quality yoga pants and a soft, breathable crewneck sweatshirt. Pair this with your favorite Vans and you’re ready to travel! You’ll be able to squeeze into tight seat and not feel uncomfortable, plus you’ll be warm and ready for a power nap.


From Day to Night

A simple black dress is one of the most versatile items you can own. With your favorite flannel around your waist, you’re guaranteed warmth, plus you’ll be ready to go out to the bar, club, or favorite restaurant when you arrive!

This day-to-night look is an opportunity to look and feel great. You can also use a variety of different scarves or necklaces to dress it up, as well as various cardigans or sweaters, depending on the weather.

Straight to the Office

While it’s not ideal, it’s sometimes necessary to travel in business attire. If you’re headed straight to the office, consider these outfit ideas first. White or black ankle-length dress pants are always appropriate for business attire, plus they allow for flexibility with the rest of the outfit. Pair them with a button-down, collared shirt and some cozy slip-on shoes, like ballet slippers or flats. It’s the perfect type of shoe to pop on and off easily while traveling, plus you won’t blister your heels. You can also put on a trench coat or a stylish silk scarf to pull the outfit together in its entirety.

What Not to Wear: Pajamas

There are plenty of options for comfortable travel outfits. While fashion might not be first on your list of priorities, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dressed at all. Wearing pajamas in public is not a good option, especially when there are so many other ways to be comfortable yet stylish when traveling. If all else fails, fall back on the “Athleisure” option. It’s not pajamas, but it’s still comfortable and an acceptable travel outfit.

No matter what you wear, your priority when traveling should be to get as comfortable as possible while still looking presentable. Hopefully some of these outfit choices can help you find a combination of clothes that’ll help you fit in a car, plane, or train with the most comfort. There are likely a lot of ways you can mix and match your clothes to find the combination that works best for you.


Photo credits: Vogue Magazine, The Daily Mail, Glamour, Celebsfirst


A Fashion Guide for Traveling to New York City

New Yorkers stick to a sophisticated style that values comfort and convenience just as much as fashion. With all the amazing restaurants, museums, and neighborhoods to explore, you’ll want to pack strategically in order to fit in with the stylish locals instead of sticking out like a tourist. Here are the key pieces and accessories you should bring on your next trip to New York City.

Fall Fashion

Come September, NYC is already starting to cool down after its most sweltering period in the summer. You’ll want to pack items that can layer easily – like this cute poncho – for the unpredictable temperatures. It can be quite chilly in the mornings and then rise to the high 70s to low 80s by mid-afternoon. Plus, rain is always possible in the city no matter what season it is.

Bring along skinny jeans in a classic denim or black color. New Yorkers love denim and wear it year-round, so you’ll blend in among the locals. A denim jacket is also a great option and can be easily layered on top of sweaters, t-shirts, or even a comfortable dress. This look is effortless and practical.

If you want to go a little more daring, opt for a black motorcycle-style jacket. The stereotype that New Yorkers wear all-black frequently is totally is true (and they’re more than OK with that). You’ll stay comfortable and look really, really fashionable by NYC standards.


Winter in NYC is cold. Very, very cold. On average, the temperature stays in the 30s, but can also drop to the 20s and teens during December, January, and February. The wind chill will also make it feel a lot colder than it actually is, so prepare for all of this by packing a warm coat or jacket. A wool pea coat or puffer-jacket are the most ideal. It may sound unfashionable, but most locals actually do rock the below-the-knee puffer to stay warm from head-to-toe. Layer a sweater and long-sleeve t-shirt underneath–it gets warm on the subway, so you’ll want to unzip and cool off while getting from point A to B.

Stay clear of bulky snow pants and go with black or dark denim, as well as thermal tights if you plan to wear a dress or skirt. You should accessorize with a good hat, warm scarf, and pair of gloves to protect your skin from the harsh wind and cold temps. (Pro-tip: bring a pair of gloves that are phone-friendly). Keep your outfit trendy by bringing in a pop of color with a unique handbag. As for shoes, riding boots or comfortable booties are perfect for walking around the city for hours as well as protection against potential puddles.

The reality of visiting NYC is that driving really isn’t an option because of traffic and in the cold, icy winter, it can often be tricky if you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle. Most locals don’t own cars, and if they do, they have compact cars that are convenient to park (when parking is an option). This fact means that you’ll blend right in when walking down the street in your puffy jacket.


Similar to fall, spring can be a tad unpredictable in terms of temperature and weather conditions. Winter can last well into April, so expect it to be a mix of chilly and warm as the city blooms into spring. Every New Yorker will be overjoyed that they can finally shed all the extra layers and you should plan to do the same. This is also a great opportunity to pack some fashionable jewelry because it won’t be hidden under a mountain of layers.

Pack a light-weight jacket and raincoat that you can easily fold-up just in case a downpour occurs. You’ll also want to carry around an umbrella, so you never get caught in the rain unprepared. This will also ensure you don’t have to buy a plastic poncho on the street like many tourists end up doing.

Waterproof booties or fashionable sneakers like Adidas or Golden Goose are the perfect footwear choice. They’ll be comfortable and look cute, plus many New Yorkers wear these for commuting around the city all day.


Summer in NYC means two things: hot and humid. Everyone who lives there is ecstatic about finally being able to sit and eat outside, but dress appropriately to not overheat. Think all natural, breathable fibers like cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics that can cause you to sweat more. Denim shorts and skirts are always in style, paired with a simple t-shirt or top. Black shorts also work if you’re trying to stay chic.

The best remedy, however, is a classic dress either in a solid color like white or a pretty floral pattern. This will keep you cool and while also blending in with the other fashionable locals. Do bring a sweater along for when you’re indoors though–most places like to blast the air conditioner. Casual sandals will help your feet breathe in the heat while walking around, but flats also work as well, just be sure to break in whatever you wear.

It’s also helpful to pack a picnic blanket, sheet, or towel you can use for spontaneous picnicking around the city. Central Park and Bryant Park are perfect for this and don’t forget a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to keep buying water while out and about.

The key to looking fashionable while traveling NYC is so be comfortable and practical. New Yorkers are more concerned with getting from place to place on time and dry than they are with looking at your outfit. If you carry a camera around your neck and break out the poncho when it rains, you might as well carry a sign that says “tourist”. Otherwise, just bring your favorite outfits and comfortable walking shoes and you’ll fit right in! Safe travels.