Date Outfit Ideas That Are Sure to Impress


Whether you’re prepping for a first date, heading out on the town with your longtime sweetie, or gearing up to celebrate a major romantic occasion, these date-night outfit ideas will make you look (and feel!) fantastic, no matter what type of activity you’ll be doing.

Coffee Date

Meeting a new romantic interest at your neighborhood coffee shop? For a stress-free, no-frills (but still super cute) look, try layering a lacy little dress over your favorite tank top or t-shirt, with a pair of white sneakers (note to self: sneakers with dresses = always a good look!) It’s easy, it’s fashionable, and there’s no doubt your date will be impressed.

Brunch Date

When the mimosas are flowing like water, the waffles and avocado toast are piling up on every table, and everyone’s Instagramming their food, it can only mean one thing: Brunch! If you’re going on a brunch date, putting together a stylish-yet-casual outfit is key, since you’ll undoubtedly want to fit in with the other fashionable brunch-goers.

You can’t go wrong with a slouchy, oversized sweater and skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and a fitted tee—both outfits are relaxed, hip, and leave plenty of room in case you decide to have an extra pancake or two—plus, you can always accessorize with a scarf or dangly earrings if you want to dress up your look a little. Just don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses and a light cardigan since you’ll probably be enjoying your Bloody Marys and omelets on a sunny patio.

Fancy Dinner Date

If your sweetie snagged dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, now’s the time to pull out all the stops—after all, it’s not every day that you get to get dolled up, so don’t be afraid to bring your A-game. Been dying to wear that minidress that’s been hanging in your closet for forever? Now’s the time to bust it out! Pair it with strappy heels and some lovely accent jewelry, and you’ve got one killer date night outfit on your hands.

Dancing Date

Going out dancing? You’ll want to wear something that’s sexy, sure—but don’t wear a dress that rides up, otherwise you’ll be stuck pulling your dress down all night instead of showing off your moves on the dance floor. Splurge on a dress that fits all your curves just right, and don’t be afraid to wear something bright, colorful, or boldly patterned.

Picnic-in-the-Park Date

If the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than picking up some snacks and bringing a blanket to the park. If you’re going on a casual picnic, wear your absolute favorite pair of jeans with a cute, flowy top (bonus if it’s floral-patterned), or pretty printed shorts with a cropped cardigan, and be sure to bring along a cute backpack to store your picnic goodies in (and accessorize with). The idea is to look relaxed and outdoorsy, yet adorable.

Art Museum Date

For a trip to an art museum, it’s time to get creative and confident: Pick a bold-patterned top and neutral pants, or when in doubt, go with an all-black ensemble, like your hottest black leather jacket and black jeans. You could even go with a fancy dress, just pair it with a rocker-chic bomber jacket for an edgier look. Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in with the artsy crowd.

Movie Date

Headed out to see the new Avengers movie with your main squeeze? If you know you’ll be sitting in a cold, darkened theater and probably chowing down on a big vat of buttery popcorn, strategy is crucial: Now’s not the time to wear a nice cocktail dress with spaghetti straps.

For a casual movie date, when you need something sexy that’ll still feel comfy for two hours, you can’t go wrong with a maxi skirt. Pair it with a fitted jean jacket and cute sneakers for a pared-down, on-trend look.

Sports Date

Are you and your sweetheart the sporty types? If you’re planning a hike, bike ride, or other physical activity for your date, it’s definitely important to dress appropriately. (No wedge heels or short skirts!) Go with a casual pair of jeans and good walking shoes for this one; just wear a cute, cozy tee and keep everything fitted to avoid looking too sloppy.

Scenic Drive Date

If your significant other suggests a drive through the mountains with the top down, you have a few outfit ideas to decide between. First off, it’s important to dress comfortably if you’re going to be in the car for a while. Consider your most comfortable pair of jeans or jeggings to avoid the constant stress of adjusting a skirt or dress. Top this look off with your best white t-shirt and accessorize with a choker and unique bracelets. This will ensure that whether your long drive entails a luxury SUV or a flashy sports car, you’ll be sitting pretty – literally.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to go out dancing, see a movie, or have a picnic in the park, if you want to put an end to the what-should-I-wear dilemma once and for all, it helps to plan out your date outfits in advance. Just remember: Confidence is the most important element of any outfit, so don’t wear something you’re uncomfortable in just because it “looks cool.” Jeans that dig into your stomach, painful heels, and ill-fitting shirts are a no-go—keep it comfortable (yet stylish!), stay on top of trends, and always wear what feels best to you.


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