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Abby Golder
Abby Golder

Fashion Trends for Every Pre-wedding Event

You’ve just gotten engaged and the months that lie ahead will be some of the most exciting days you and your significant other share together. It’s time to plan the intricate details leading up to your big day, but first – it’s time to celebrate, and you should do it in style! With so many smaller events leading up to your wedding day, there are plenty of opportunities to get dressed up for to celebrate with your family and friends. Here are the top fashion trends for every pre-wedding event.

Engagement Party

Your engagement party is your first debut as an engaged couple. While you may have a larger guest list for your wedding, your engagement party will likely be more intimate with only your closest friends and family in attendance, so it isn’t necessary to have a super fancy outfit lined up.

Depending on how you want to celebrate and announce your engagement, you have flexibility in what you choose to wear. A short cocktail dress works well for most events, and is less formal than a long dress. Break out your first white ensemble, or go with bold colors or prints. White isn’t mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt to get in the habit of wearing it! One-shoulder dresses or sleek spaghettis straps will highlight your classy sense of style for your first event as a bride-to-be.

Bridal Shower

How you dress for your bridal shower is also dependent on the nature of your event. For instance, you would likely wear something different for a tea party than a night at a trendy, new restaurant. Your whole family will likely be eager to shower you with love and gifts, so keep in mind the audience of the event and what might be most appropriate. Elegant white or light colored dresses are a classic way to stand out but feel comfortable in any season. Focus on a soft, sweet look and comfy fabric as you’ll likely spend the day sitting or playing different games!

Bachelorette Party

The last fling before the ring is the perfect event to wear something playful. Whether your gals are gathering in for a cozy weekend getaway or you’re taking over the town, you will definitely want to wear white and be the star of the show! You’ll be taking pictures and Boomerangs that you’ll look back on and smile at for years to come, so you’ll want to be wearing a fun outfit that makes you feel fabulous. Pair a “bride” crop top with sexy high waisted pants or opt for a silky white romper with heels. Stash all your must-haves in a crossbody purse that way you won’t lose anything – and your hands will be free to hold drinks!

Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner dress should make you feel stunning, but shouldn’t be as elaborate as your wedding dress. You can easily add a staple piece to your wardrobe instead of buying a dress you’ll only wear once. From a fitted sheath dress, to a flowy, lacy look – your rehearsal dinner outfit should reflect your style. Keep it simple, keep it classic! A bold colored dress paired with statement jewelry – you just can’t go wrong!

Also keep in mind the temperature and location of this event. While your friends and family might enjoy an outdoor bbq in Colorado, an indoor setting might be more fitting for an upscale event in Chicago. Make sure your outfit fits both the weather and the venue.

Wedding Day Prep

As you’re getting ready to walk the aisle in the dress of your dreams, you’ll need something comfortable but cute to wear! Consider getting cute dresses or kimonos for you and your bride tribe that will be easy to slip in and out of between getting your makeup done. Or, you can have graphic tees with everyone’s title displayed to accompany comfy pj pants! While only a few people will see your pre-wedding outfit, it’s still fun to have something special to wear as you prepare for the best day of your life!

The Big ‘I Do’

Everyone knows there are endless choices when it comes to wedding dresses. Trends come and go, but there are tried and true looks that stick around. Start with the style of the dress you’ve always envisioned, be it mermaid, ball gown, open back or a combination. Then hone in on the details – like beading, lace, bling and a belt. Just like you knew when you found your soul mate, you’ll know when you find your perfect dress!


Celebrate your wedding in the dress of your dreams, or slip into something more comfortable after the ceremony! It is not uncommon for some brides to have a wedding day wardrobe change. A shorter dress will make dancing easier, and preserve the quality of the wedding dress you wore when you said ‘I do’. Don your white in a simple maxi dress or flirty knee-length dress.

After the festivities have come to a close and you’re starting your  ‘forever’ with your special someone, make sure you have comfy clothes to change into after the longest (but best) day of your life! When you head out for the night and prepare for your honeymoon adventure, you’ll thank yourself for choosing a travel-friendly, comfy outfit.

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