Mar - 2017
Carolina Velasquez
Passionate about trends, fashion and cool hunting among Latin America.

Why You Should Go To Cartagena

Have you ever heard of magical realism? This is what Cartagena is about, a charming city which you will fall in love with.

We just returned from Cartagena where we shot our fist campaign, there is honestly no better scenery than the streets of the old city. In one block you will find multiple locations, the architecture, the colors, the vegetation are just some of the many attributes Cartagena has. There is just a magical feeling that surrounds this city, which makes it a go-to destination for tourists from all around the world.

Strolling around the “ciudad vieja” is something you will never get enough of, the shopping, the restaurants, the street shows, the music, the people and the “paletas” (popsicles) will make you want to discover new corners of the city every single day.

Although all of our pictures where taken inside the walled city, there are also other beautiful sites like the Islas del Rosario. Just one hour away from the center you will find the clearest water, eat the most delicious seafood and learn how we Colombians have a good time (including some aguardiente of course).

We hope you have the opportunity of visiting our magical Cartagena very soon!

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