Nov - 2018
Abby Golder
Abby Golder

How to be Warm (and Fashionable) this Winter

The challenge to look stylish while also staying warm in the winter is no easy battle. Even if you’re just running from your house to the car, you want to look good and stay protected against Jack Frost. Say “goodbye” to the cold with these five winter fashion tips.

1 – Think Layers

Colder weather means bundling up, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s just an excuse for more cute clothes! Take advantage of the cooler temps to play around with different clothing combinations. You should have a few key versatile and warm options in your closet such as:

  • Dark denim (skinny jeans pair well with boots)
  • A few thin long-sleeved T-shirts
  • Cashmere sweaters
  • An oversized sweater
  • Button down-shirts (flannel for extra warmth)
  • A sweater dress
  • A warm coat
  • Wool socks
  • Booties and knee-high boots
  • An abundance of scarves

All of these pieces mix and match perfectly together, so you’ll have plenty of outfit options to wear throughout the season (and for varying cold weather temperatures).

A foolproof winter outfit idea is a long-sleeved T-shirt layered with a flannel or sweater on top, paired with skinny jeans and boots. If it’s a bit chillier, throw on an outerwear piece such as a puffer or denim jacket, or leather if it’s especially cold. You’ll look cool (no pun intended) and fashionable, while staying warm.

Stick with mostly neutral colors, such as creams, blacks, and grays, so it will be easy to put things together, saving you time getting dressed in the morning. This doesn’t mean stay away from color though–feel free to add a splash here and there to personalize your look. A colorful scarf and handbag are a great way to add color to a winter outfit.

2 – Accessories are your Best Friend

Chances are when it’s cold, you’re going to want to cover every inch of skin from the harsh temps. And luckily, cute accessories do just that while being practical! The easiest to start with is an oversized scarf. It’s forever stylish, functional, and can be worn so many ways. Wrap it around your neck or over your shoulders for extra warmth.

Hats are also essential at this time of year. Not only do they do an incredible job at trapping in our body heat, but they look super on-trend. Opt for a beanie, beret, or wide-brim wool hat–all of these are on trend and will show off a great pair of earrings.

Protect your hands with a pair of gloves, either leather for a sleek, chic look, knit for a fun look, or ski-gloves for a sporty look. And lastly, tote along a great bag to complete the outfit. No matter the season, the bag you carry makes a statement about your sense of style and taste. Plus, you can throw your extra accessories and layers inside if you get too hot.

3 – Fashion’s Best Kept Secret

The trick to staying really warm when the temperatures really dip (think the 20s and teen degrees) is to keep your core warm. Doing so will help make the blistering winds more tolerable and keep you nice and toasty. A vest is the most fashionable way to do just that. Throw it on under a heavy coat or layer it on top of a long-sleeve shirt or sweater. Stick with fabrics like wool or quilted down that will keep you warm without being too bulky.

4 – Materials Matter

When building your winter wardrobe, it’s important to think about the material of the clothing you purchase. Some fabrics are just normally warmer than others, so you should have mix of fibers for whatever winter throws your way.

Start with the bottom layer of undershirts and long-sleeved shirts. Silk, despite its thinness, is a very strong, natural fiber that is very warm and great for layering. Velvet or velour is a great option if you want to look a little more dressed up. And for your outerwear pieces, leather is always a great choice–it’s durable, warm, and will protect you from harsh winds. Plus, it always looks really, really trendy. For a more animal-friendly choice, vegan faux fur is a fashionable, guilt-free choice that will keep you warm and stylish.

Tip 5 – Truly Bundled

When the weather gets really cold (below 10 degrees), it’s time to bundle up with a classic puffer coat. While this may not sound like the most stylish option, many brands today make these with a cinched waist, so you aren’t a bulky marshmallow. Pair this with skinny jeans and knee-high boots to create a streamlined effect. This will look chicer and will help your entire body stay protected against the elements. You can never go wrong with black (this will also help you look slimmer), but bright colors such as blue or red can help brighten up your mood on gloomy days.

For inspiration on winter weather, you might find ideas by looking at New York City natives. These city slickers are experts in staying warm and fashionable during the winter months. New York City fashion sense is a skill to admire. Somehow the working people manage to fight traffic, weather, crowds and normal work stresses while looking as if they just stepped off the runway.

The number one tip on how to fashionable and warm this winter is to add layer after layer to your wardrobe. There aren’t many easy ways to warm up when you aren’t dressed for the weather, but you can always shed a layer when you get too hot. Explore all of By Malka’s favorite accessories for the most fashionable accents to your winter outfit.

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