Nov - 2017
Carolina Velasquez
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Interview with Flipando!

  • First of all, the name! People are obsessed with the name, who came up with it and why?

FLIPANDO is a term used in Spain when something is out of this world! Laura came up with the name, she wanted people to feel this way when they saw FLIPANDO’s designs.


  • Two sisters, one company. How has it been working together?

It has been an incredible opportunity, when we united we gave FLIPANDO a new beginning, where we both focus on a same goal. We complement each other perfectly when designing, innovating and always keeping the brand’s identity and essence.


  • Where does your inspiration come from?

We are inspired by various ancestral cultures and places in the world, this is our main source of creativity where we then transform into unique geometric shapes and designs.


  • Tell us a little bit about your design/fashion background

Laura is technologist in jewelry production and has always had talent and ability for manual arts, she is FLIPANDO’s creator

Ana Maria is an industrial designer and fashion designer with over 8 years in work experience in costume design.


  • How does Colombia influence your jewelry?

Our indigenous cultures are the ones which most inspire us, from pre-Columbian metal works to knitting techniques and color palettes.


  • Your packaging, is just brilliant! Unique, sophisticated and you can almost play with it. How did you come up with this clever packaging?

Ana Maria was the one who came up with all the ideas behind our logo and packaging. Our logo is based in origami shapes and composed by different geometric shapes that combined create FLIPANDO’s emblematic bird. We wanted to reflect this among the package, for the user to be able to play and create modular forms, shapes and designs. We also wanted to eliminate the use of glue within the packages.


  • How do you stay creative?

We are always seeking new methods, materials and ideas to generate new techniques and designs within our brand, we are always innovating!

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