Sep - 2017
Sartorial Dreams
My name is Victoria de la Cruz and I am originally from Colombia. I live in the sunny state of Florida where I study and work. Fashion and Writing are two of my biggest passions.

Let’s Start Living Sustainably!

Woke up today with yet another devastating natural disaster. This time it was an earthquake with an 8.1 magnitude that took place in Mexico. Meanwhile, the caribbean is struggling with not 1 but 3 hurricanes, IRMA being the strongest and scariest of them all. I moved from Miami one month ago and I am scared as to what will happen. Yet, I am more scared of all that can happen if we do not pay attention to all of these natural disasters. I cannot help but worry about all these disasters going on and I cannot stress enough how desperately mother earth is talking to us.

We have abused her, misused her and today we are paying the consequences of such abuse. Not only do we need prayer so survive these circumstances but we as human beings need to take action. There is some deep irreversible damage that has already been done but this does not mean that from now on we cannot help. Yes we can help. All of us. Sustainability is something we can all partake in. And yes, it is true that some people have more influence than others. World leaders need to be involved in the process of taking care of planet earth and soothing the disastrous effect of climate change.

Climate change is present and very real and yet we have people such as the President of the U.S. that still deny that it is a reality. Among his many threats to the environment, he continues to deny protection to his country’s soil. In my last last year of living in the U.S., I had to see the people Standing Rock (Dakota Access pipeline) trying to protect their land from being ruined and poisoned, yet their President went against them instead of supporting them. But my intention here is not to go political, my intention is to spread a call to action.

Do not undermine the power of nature. This is nothing but merely effect of the misuse and mistreatment of the world we live in. Our global leaders need to start promoting practices and laws that will protect the environment, at the same time making people consciously understand what is going on.

But it doesn’t just end with global leaders, everyone needs to pitch in. In your house, in your neighborhood or in your community. The opportunities are endless. In all aspects of life: we need to be sustainable in the way we think, build, teach, create fabrics, shower, recycle, etc. To all my fashion friends, did you know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? Take a minute to read the environmental impact this industry has on your health and surroundings.

Change cannot start when we are losing our houses, swimming in floods and unable to breathe. Change needs to start before. Humans need to watch over mother earth as our ally, to nurture it and not to exploit it. Be gentle, be caring and most of all be awake. Stay awake, do not let yourself be tricked by everything you see in the media. Inform yourself and do something. Not only for yourself but for your loved ones. Do not be selfish. We can all unite and help planet earth. Not only in prayers but in actions.

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