Oct - 2016
Sartorial Dreams
My name is Victoria de la Cruz and I am originally from Colombia. I live in the sunny state of Florida where I study and work. Fashion and Writing are two of my biggest passions.

From the Runway to Everyday Style: Bold Earrings

Every season, there is a new trend coming along the way. Some better than the others, but always exciting and vanguardist.  Statement earrings have been a huge trend this past fashion week and I wouldn’t blame them.  Earrings are one of the best ways to make your outfits pop and to let style speak for you.  Some people have preferences when it comes to accessories; some like rings,  necklaces, bracelets or earrings.  No matter the season or the trend, I certainly am an earring girl.  What makes me love earrings so much is the story behind every design and the crafts that go into making every piece unique.  I have purchased earrings  from all around the world – Turkey, India and Greece have precious ones, but there is definitely nothing as creative as those made in Colombia.

Being Colombian comes with such pride and joy and the boom that Colombian designs have had in the last couple of years has been epic.  If you dare to be different and are a fan of intricately made designs, then you should start purchasing earrings from Colombian Brands such as: Liza Echeverry, Laura Davila, Maria Paula Castillo, Tres Almas, Pajaro Limón among others. 

If you do not know where to purchase these beauties pictured below, fear on more.  bymalka.com has a diverse collection of Colombian designers whose earrings will leave you wanting more. Get into character and start embrace bold, colorful, modern and beautiful earrings. I sure have been embracing them!

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