Spring Cleaning Tips: Making Room in Your Closet for Spring Trends

With spring weather comes a brand-new opportunity for a change in wardrobe. That said, before you break out the spring fashion trends, dig into your closet and clean it out. This year, make your closet the one you’ve always dreamed of. With our tips below, you’ll be enjoying your newly organized dream master closet in no time.

Clean it Out

Chances are, there are clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in a very long time. Dusty hangar, old dresses, and items buried in tall stacks means it’s time to clean it out. Sift through items in your closet and really think about the last time you wore it. If it’s too small, damaged, or old, consider giving it a new home.

Create three piles to make it easier to sort: keep, throw away, and sell/donate. Selling clothing is easier than ever before. There are plenty of phone apps to list your unwanted clothing. Plus, with vintage clothing becoming a hot trend, you might even make a pretty penny on some of your older items.

Freshen It Up

Once you get everything out of the closet, seize the opportunity to give your closet a deep clean. Wipe down shelves and hanging rods. Vacuum the floor and even consider cleaning the carpet. Closets can easily get musty over time, especially if you’ve had unworn clothing hanging for years.

After your deep cleaning, consider giving the closet a fresh coat of paint. Not only does painting the interior get rid of scuffs and imperfections, but it will also bring new life and inspiration to your wardrobe. Opt for lighter colors and be hesitant when exploring outside of neutrals. If you chose a strong color, it could distort the colors of your clothes, making it hard to choose a well-paired outfit.

Organize It

Ideally, cleaning out your unwanted clothing will give you plenty of new space in your closet. That said, if your master closet is still lacking storage you have a couple of options.

The first option is to invest in a closet organizing system. There are plenty available for purchase or you can DIY it by adding extra shelves, hanging bars, and baskets. Consider labeling the baskets or color-coding them for socks, t-shirts, undergarments, etc.

The second option is to store your out-of-season clothing elsewhere and keep only that season’s items in your closet. This way, you’re not taking up space with heavy, dark sweaters and coats during the spring and summer months. Shoes also take up a significant amount of space, so consider putting away your winter boots for safe-keeping until the weather permits.

Add Your New Spring Looks

Once you get your closet organized, treat yourself to a few new trendy spring items. Compliment your wardrobe with a piece of colorful jewelry, like these new clover earrings. Inspire summer to come sooner and shop for a new swim suit. Whether you prefer a floral one-piece swim suit or a trendy sunflower bikini, they’ll both flatter a  fresh wardrobe nicely. Top off your new look with a matching handbag and colorful strap and you’re all set for spring!

Warm weather is just around the corner, so give you master closet the makeover it deserves and get the new year season started fresh. With a clean, organized closet you can guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling your best this spring.

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