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Summer ’18 Fashion Forecast!

Summer is finally here! So let’s talk about all the trends you’ll be rocking throughout the season!

– Bold colors, primary colors were definitely making a statement through the runways. Tomatoe red was a a big hit, as well as emerald green and bright yellow.

– Pastels, pastels will be seen all over! Delicate light tones like lilac, light pink, light yellow and light aqua green are the colors you will want to look for.

– Checks, they were a big trend throughout fall and winter, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Think about sweet folksy ginghams in light and vivid colors, who doesn’t love that?!

– Strawbags, a big must-have during last year’s summer and fall, and a definite must have for this year! As you know, we have plenty for you to choose from J

– Tropical, beachy prints! From flowers, to palm trees and other exotic tropical wonders, tropic-prints are here!

– Lightweight hoops! Hoops are the statement earrings you will want to rock this season!

– Beltbags, they surely made a statement in 2017 and will continue to do so! Not only leather belt bags, but nylon and straw ones too.

– Puffy sleeves, yes, thank you Johanna Ortiz, you introduced the world to your puffy, oversized sleeves and everyone loves them!

– Rubber and plastic, the textures of the season. That “wet look” was seen all over jumpsuits, skirts, pants and coats.


We hope you have loads of fun styling up your closet during the best season of the year! Remember, always keep it very YOU!


Photo creds: Fashionista.com

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