Who is your Valentine?

People may seem to think Valentines Day is only for those who are in a relationship, but we at By Malka honestly feel different. St Valentines is about giving love, receiving love and expressing the feeling in a certain way to those you love. This may be that person you are in a relationship with, or could also be someone in your family, a special friend or even your dog or pet.

Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14 on almost every country, honoring one or more saints named Valentinus. It is a day where we like to have a little something for a special someone, even if this a gesture, a nice dinner or a gift.

We’ve made this shopping decision easier by giving our customers up 70% OFF in selected items and also issuing store credits. The following are some of our favorites for the month of love:


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  2. Baletti Handbag: This handbag is truly an investment, with its interchangeable cover system the user is able to customize and design its own handbag in multiple ways. http://www.bymalka.com/marca_cat/baletti/
  3. Flor Amazona Small Earrings, Bracelets and Chains: These delicate pieces are perfect for that girl who has more of a traditional taste, and doesn’t wear big or chunky jewelry. http://www.bymalka.com/product/cactus-necklace/
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  6. Postino Handwoven Clutches and Pochettes: The clutches are a perfect complement for day or night, and the pochettes are ideal to for traveling (i.e passport), Ipad or even cardholder. http://www.bymalka.com/product/black-blue-clutch/

We hope this small guide will help you find the perfect gift for your loved one!

Inside Baletti: Meet Paloma Ruiz & Laura Vasquez


MALKA: How did you two meet and why did you decide to work together?

BALETTI: Paloma and Laura have been long time friends. As Laura recalls “It was only until one day I bumped into her in a fair in Bogota when she was starting her line of Colombian leather handbags.” The idea of working together started when Laura saw the opportunity in Paloma’s skills to change her model of business into a more international and competitive approach.

After chit-chatting for a while they found out that they both wanted to renovate the concept and experience of use of an accessory into a more customizable product. A handbag that could go beyond the consumer expectations and brake the traditional concept of use, following the aesthetic principles of both of them. “We wanted to create a handbag completely customizable, a base and cover system. Yet at that time we didn’t know how this idea would become reality, neither how would it look like, we just knew that we wanted a minimal product, fun and versatile; meeting the highest quality standards of the international market.”

M: What inspired you to launch Baletti?

B: “The constant need for change of the millennial lifestyle, the fast paced life that we live in, the high standards women face to meet at work and in their social life.  Baletti provides functionality without scarifying style, it is a brand that could achieve day-to-night minimal forms.”

M: What does the name “Baletti” mean?

B: “It stands for versatility and freedom of expression. The name means dance and movement from its most traditional and classical forms.”

M: How would you describe the Baletti customer?

B: “Baletti’s customers are women who want exclusive, customizable, low-key luxury and value, without the big logos or labeling. For all those who seek to find an equilibrium between functionality and fashionable minimal feminine silhouettes, that will not only appeal by its design but as well by its versatility of use. It is therefore the perfect Cosmopolitan handbag, designed to meet the fashionable and functional expectations of today’s multi-tasking, busy women’s agenda.” 

M: Where did the inspiration for the interchangeable system come from?

B: “We think around todays globalized and fast-paced lifestyle. We travel, work, have families, go to social events and we always want to look as beautiful as we can. Everyone wants luxury items, but to buy each, you need to make a big investment. In the process of conceptualization of the brand, we wanted to create an exclusive low key atmosphere where once you made the first investment, you could renew the style of the bag periodically without needing to change all your items from one bag to another or buying a completely new one.

We talked about how many times we were locked out of our homes because we had forgotten to put the keys in the new bag we were using, or how boring it was that every time we traveled, handbags and shoes were the things that took the most amount of space in our luggage, or just about how nice it’d be to change more often our accessories without having to spend thousands of dollars in a new exclusive handbag.”

That is what Baletti is all about.