The Faces Behind Palma Canaria

On this Women’s International Day, we interviewed two women who we admire immensely and have done a fabulous job at creating their own line.

Palma Canaria has only been around for a couple of months and has already given a new meaning to beach accessories, these are not only beach accessories, these are fun and fashionable pieces which can be worn during day and night, beach or city. Learn more about the mother-daughter duo, who have created the must-have pool and beach(or city) accessories every girl wants!

What inspired you to launch Palma Canaria?

Palma Canaria was inspired by Colombian artisans and their powerful and diverse talent, and our interest for fashion and design. We saw a huge potential in our artisans for them to bring to life our designs, and still be a piece that shows our culture and the good vibes we have. 

Why the name “Palma Canaria”?

We chose the name Palma Canaria because for us it sound cheerful and tropical, and the main raw material we use is palm leafs so we felt it really special. 

How would you describe the Palma Canaria customer?

Our customers are women who like to have fun, to take risks and that like to own exclusive pieces. They are travelers, dreamers and fashion lovers.

Where did the inspiration for the messages and quotes come from?

FUN. FUN. FUN . Our inspiration is seeing people smile or even laugh when they read our quotes. Or even feeling inspired, and feel the need to get away. Life and Happiness are our main messages we like to transmit. 

What respective strengths do you each bring to the design process?

Monica is the creative and active part of Palma Canaria. She has many wonderful ideas everyday, and most of them are the ones you are seeing. Juliana executes Monica’s ideas and organizes the business plan to make everything possible. 

What is the best thing about working with your mother/daughter?

Its really and adventure. We are knowing different facets and sides that we really didn’t know about ourselves and about each other. The best part is that you cant’s trust anyone more than your mother or your daughter, and you are working for each other best interest. Its a new phase as entrepreneurs and we can’t feel more comfortable and happy about sharing these moments together. 

Monica and Juliana are a clear example that what is done with love is done well, very well.

Hello Daniela Salcedo

Daniela Salcedo is the latest it jewelry brand for Colombian fashionistas. At only 26, Daniela has conquered not only Colombia, but also Mexico, Panama and even Australia. Her jewelry is accompanied by amazing inspirational quotes, which in one way or another will make us feel identified with her and the brand. She has created a unique identity with her hand-written notes and also her impeccable fashion sense, Daniela herself has 117K followers on Instagram (@danielasalcedo22), which follow, like and admire her style.

Each one of her pieces is inspired by her own dreams, the designer has claimed to even write down her dreams at night in order to not forget them. Although her brand is relatively new it has grown tremendously in a very short period of time, the whole business idea started as a college assignment where she realized the potential her jewelry could have in the market.

Salcedo doesn’t seize to amaze us with her charisma, creativity and fashion sense which is why we are ecstatic to offer her latest collection at Malka!

Expoartesanias 2016

Expoartesanias is Colombia’s largest craft fair, this one takes place at the end of each year in Corferias.  A few days ago we visited the exhibition, not once but twice, there is just so much to see, discover and admire that a single day just wasn’t enough.

From clothes and jewelry, to house articles and toys, you would just be amazed of how much talent and creativity there exists among Colombian artisans, designers and entrepreneurs.  Mochila heaven is a big part of expoartesanias, you will find the most delicate knits in gorgeous vivid colors and combinations which are the perfect accessory for a glamazonic look.

Apparel also drove our attention, we discovered beautiful one-of-a-kind swimsuit labels and designers.  The traditional “ruanas” where everywhere, these are hand-sewn poncho-style garments typical from the Andres region and are as emblematic as the sombrero vueltiao.  Speaking of, hats is another product which was very popular among the fair, in different shapes, colors and other variations (and in this case pom poms where EVERYWHERE), a Colombian hat will scream “latin luxury”.

The jewelry section is one of the largest amongst the exposition, and filigree seems to be ruling the industry among the country.  You will find hundreds of accessories and designs in gold, silver and rose gold. It is as simple as wearable art.

We hope this small glimpse on Expoartesanias will encourage you to visit Colombia and our fair!

2016 – The Year for Colombian Designers

2016 is almost over and this year Colombian designers have proven this is just the beginning.  Fashion designers from all over the country don’t seize to mesmerize the public with their creations.  Starting with Johanna Ortiz, who has conquered the world with her feminine statement silhouettes, off-the-shoulder looks and ruffled sleeves is already in all of the major retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Intermix and among others.  And lets not forget her exclusive capsule collections for Moda Operandi, and her latest swimwear line which just launched two days ago.

In the shoe department we have the very talented Edgardo Osorio and his brand Aquazzura.  The brand was established in 2011 and it’s already a must-have for all the fashion aficionados.  Aside from being in all of the major retailers (and by all, we mean ALL), Osorio has also managed to open his own boutiques in the world’s fashion capitals: Florence (where the brand is originally from), London, New York and soon to open Miami.  This year also brought amazing collaboration opportunities for the young designer who worked with Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo x Aquazzura Collection), Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo x Aquazzura Collection) and Naty Abascal (Naty Abascal x Aquazzura Collection).

From the same city as Edgardo Osorio, comes Silvia Tcherassi.  With over 25 years in fashion and lifestyle experience, Tcherassi has managed to not only have her own clothing line Silvia Tcherassi but also a home line Tcherassi Home and hotel chain Tcherassi Hotels.  Silvia defines her style as “effortless elegance”, name which was also given to her own book published by RandomHouse.  This year Tcherassi opened her first boutique in Europe in Madrid and gave a “facelift” to her other ateliers in Colombia and Miami, and we must say they look impeccable, her brand is not only clothes or garments but a complete lifestyle.

Esteban Cortazar and jewelry designer Paula Mendoza where the perfect Colombian duo at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.  They delighted the audience with Cortazar uninhibited style and Mendoza’s latest collection Mechano Dancer.  With only 32 years of age, Cortazar is already a well-known label among fashion editors and has been the youngest designer to debut at New York Fashion Week.

Big big congratulations to all of these amazing talents and we can not wait to see what is yet to come in 2017!