7 Must-have Fall Fashion Trends

The next turn of the calendar we begin the move towards cooler weather and one of the favorite seasons for fashion – fall! The red leaves are signs to break out boots, sweaters, and warm accessories. With all the new styles for fall being introduced among popular brands, it’s time to do some research on emerging fall fashions so you know what’s on trend this year.

Fortunately, those of us who love relaxed and comfortable clothing, are in luck. Easy wear still seems to be at the forefront of the season’s trends. However, along with the expected silhouette of sweaters and scarves, there is some unique flare you can add to your wardrobe this year. Fabrics like metallics, velvet, and sequins have all made their way to the runway.

It can be difficult to transform high fashion looks from the runways to wearable outfits, so we’ve put together some tips on how to achieve a fashion-forward fall wardrobe without looking too avant-garde.



When layering is done on the runway, it is often overexaggerated. Very few people are comfortable in a coat twice their weight and size. It’s not uncommon for a model to strut her stuff in a dress, vest, and three other outer layers. Let’s face it: This just wouldn’t pass as an acceptable ensemble no matter how low the temperature drops.

Recreating this look can be successfully accomplished a variety of ways. Take on the trend by wearing jeans, a graphic tee, an open cardigan, and a fashionable jacket. Add a scarf and hat if the weather allows. Before the snow falls, opt for a stylish boot with a bare ankle, but as soon as signs of winter show, opt for a warm, long sock.

If you’d like to try a more formal layered look, wear a pencil skirt, tights, and a low heel paired with a button down and military jacket over top. Finish this look with a streamlined purse and a cuff bracelet.



It should come as no surprise that southwest inspired items are creeping their way into our high fashion runway shows and magazines. For years, interior design has been embracing desert-inspired home goods like cowhide rugs, cacti, macramé, and natural ceramics. It only makes sense that this trend would spill over into what we wear.

While runways are showing exaggerated fringe, enormous belt buckles, traditional ponchos, and full-blown cowboy hats, this look can be toned down for the everyday woman. Instead of accessorizing with a traditional large, oval belt buckle, look for a style with a more simplistic buckle but with western accents like leather embossing. Opt for a leather jacket or purse with fringe, a sweater with a poncho-inspired print, and a fedora reminiscent of a traditional cowboy hat.

While the trends listed above are best executed using restraint, there is one western fashion trend we are glad to see returning: western boots. If you hop on board with this trend, remember to retire your boots as soon as the snow falls. The slick heels on cowboy boots are not ideal for ice!



Florals for fall? Absolutely! Consider us glad that this trend is not fading with the summer season. This fall, expect to see bold floral patterns on dark backgrounds. High fashion runways were awash with over the top bouquet-inspired prints and shoes, but we believe there are ways to integrate this look into an everyday wardrobe.

While not everyone will look good in a head-to-toe floral print, it is a lovely pattern to add to an otherwise simple outfit. Try this look at home by picking up a floral camisole or tee shirt to wear underneath a cardigan. Keep an eye out for floral scarves in deep hues or even a bag featuring some fall-appropriate blooms. Take on florals and layers by wearing a unique bralette, topped with a sheer shirt, cardigan and floral scarf.



The high fashion runways have been featuring tons full coverage looks, many with added volume. A common sight this year was the padded jacket. While this style of coat was originally introduced to keep those in frigid climates nice and warm, it has recently become an iconic symbol of winter recreation and fashion.

While a padded jacket is often worn for its function and not its fashion, there are ways to integrate this item into your wardrobe in a way that says more than “I’m cold”. Before the dead of winter hits, wear this item draped over your shoulders for an instant ‘cool’ factor or layer a padded vest over a blazer or sleek military jacket. Finish off the look with bold earrings to show intention and stylish flair.



This fall season is all about dramatic volume. Whether it’s with layers, puffer jackets, or the unexpected trend of padded shoulders. For years, women have been cutting the padding out of vintage finds and hand-me-downs, but now it seems the tables are turning. On the runway, this trend is expectedly over-the-top with clown-like silhouettes and bold colors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for the everyday.

In real life, this trend can be executed in a subtler way that will add structure and sophistication to any look. Keep an eye out for blazers with slightly exaggerated shoulders or sweaters with sleeves featuring a hint of volume. It’s important to remember that this look can be achieved without actual padding. It’s all about proportion and what best suits you!

2017 Fashion Trends we LOVE!

What can we expect to see and wear  this year?  We’ve got you covered with what Spring/Summer 17 fashion trends will be. Let’s start with color, pink, in all its shades forms and styles is on again, not only on Wednesdays but every single day.  Another popular color this season will be… Yellow!  As we witnessed, this color was the choice of many attendees at the golden globes red carpet.

In prints, we’ll see flower explosions everywhere, bringing out a 70’s style with a kitsch twist along the way.  Flower power is not the only 70’s print we’ll see, this year there will be all type of patterns from this era, from geometric checks to curves. Stripes, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, crisscross, you name it! Bold and thin lines will be everywhere.  You can now bring your patchwork apparel out again, these unexpected mix in materials and patterns will have a comeback this year.

Talking about cuts and structures, big, puffy, exaggerated shoulders will be present in jackets, blazers and shirts.  There is also a big influence from origami in designers this year, giving clothes a delicate and minimalist look to it.  Underwear is also becoming outerwear this season, no more crop tops, bras were seen all over shirts and tops through the runways. We’ve been seeing ruffles in the past few months, and they are going to be staying for quite a while (hello again Johanna Ortiz).

These are just some of the fashion statements which we are so excited to see and try ourselves!  Remember fashion is about expressing who you are and how you feel, always feeling comfortable and most importantly feeling yourself.

2016 – The Year for Colombian Designers

2016 is almost over and this year Colombian designers have proven this is just the beginning.  Fashion designers from all over the country don’t seize to mesmerize the public with their creations.  Starting with Johanna Ortiz, who has conquered the world with her feminine statement silhouettes, off-the-shoulder looks and ruffled sleeves is already in all of the major retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Intermix and among others.  And lets not forget her exclusive capsule collections for Moda Operandi, and her latest swimwear line which just launched two days ago.

In the shoe department we have the very talented Edgardo Osorio and his brand Aquazzura.  The brand was established in 2011 and it’s already a must-have for all the fashion aficionados.  Aside from being in all of the major retailers (and by all, we mean ALL), Osorio has also managed to open his own boutiques in the world’s fashion capitals: Florence (where the brand is originally from), London, New York and soon to open Miami.  This year also brought amazing collaboration opportunities for the young designer who worked with Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo x Aquazzura Collection), Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo x Aquazzura Collection) and Naty Abascal (Naty Abascal x Aquazzura Collection).

From the same city as Edgardo Osorio, comes Silvia Tcherassi.  With over 25 years in fashion and lifestyle experience, Tcherassi has managed to not only have her own clothing line Silvia Tcherassi but also a home line Tcherassi Home and hotel chain Tcherassi Hotels.  Silvia defines her style as “effortless elegance”, name which was also given to her own book published by RandomHouse.  This year Tcherassi opened her first boutique in Europe in Madrid and gave a “facelift” to her other ateliers in Colombia and Miami, and we must say they look impeccable, her brand is not only clothes or garments but a complete lifestyle.

Esteban Cortazar and jewelry designer Paula Mendoza where the perfect Colombian duo at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.  They delighted the audience with Cortazar uninhibited style and Mendoza’s latest collection Mechano Dancer.  With only 32 years of age, Cortazar is already a well-known label among fashion editors and has been the youngest designer to debut at New York Fashion Week.

Big big congratulations to all of these amazing talents and we can not wait to see what is yet to come in 2017!

Fashion & Art Basel

Art Basel is one of the best events that take place in Miami. Designers, artists and celebrities from all over the world come to the city for this exciting experience.  This year, fashion events have become a norm.  Lots of brands and especially magazine have been hosting their own events full of cocktails, fashion and delicious appetizers.

Aside from all the parties that have been going on, the convention center at south beach has been hosting Design Miami which is the global forum for design.  This fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world.  The exhibitions this year in Design Miami are said to be breathtaking. With big fashion power houses such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton having their own installations in the interior design area, there are a lot of wonderful things to see in this fair.

Although Art Basel is a great season, it can get super hectic which is why one should avoid going to places that are too mainstream.  Grab a drink at Soho House and dinner at Komodo and you might even run into your favorite celeb.  

When it comes to party attire, be prepared to shine.  People go BIG on art basel and I’m talking all sorts of fashion avant garde. It is crazy how much inspiration one can get from walking through the exhibitions because you see so many interesting people that are innovative in their own way.

Photo credits: http://www.miamiandbeaches.com

Style Inspiration With Postino Bags

Postino is an amazing brand and project created by two long time friends, Ana Fernandez and Gloria Saldarriaga.  This Colombian brand is brining class and uniqueness to the fashion industry.  Some of our favorite bags by them are the ‘Felina’ and ‘Vampirela’ that can be both found in our website in several colors.  Also, we can forget to mention that they are currently in sale, so you better get them before they are gone!  I, Victoria, the blogger behind Sartorial Dream have been working with Malka in order to come up with different ways to created content and to give you guys the best tips when it comes to jewelry.  Check out how Victoria styled the ‘Felina Black’ handbag (currently on sale here: http://www.bymalka.com/product/felina-black/).  She paired the look with a dress by Socialite Clothing, Choker by Love Culture and Jimmy Choo sandals.  We can’t wait to see how you guys pair up your Postino bags and we hope this serves as inspiration!

Scoot Over Ocean Drive, Fashion is Taking Miami by Storm

Miami is a city of many faces. Most people know Miami for having beautiful beaches and amazing parties but I personally like to know Miami for something else.  I like to think Miami is a great fashion hub and it is growing more and more every day. As a blogger, I get inspiration daily from this wonderful city.  There is so much variety and so many different cultures that it is impossible not to fall in love with the different styles people wear.  Another amazing aspect is the eternal summer we live in – I personally am a fan of the heat and this weather.  Right now the city is windy and I feel like I’m in NYC but honestly its not even under 70 degrees, ha.

One of my favorite places to eat, shop and hang around in Miami is the Design District.  For those of you who don’t know about this wonderful and magical place, it is located around 3907 NE 1st Avenue and it extends itself into several blocks.  There is so many places in there to eat that you would be surprised. One of my favorite spots is Mandolin Aegean Bistro and MC Kitchen which seems to me a crowd favorite.  Also the pizza at Harry’s is to die for.  Besides from the food, which believe me it is my number 1 priority, the shops are beyond amazing.  Think about New York City and the Madison Avenue. Dior, Givenchy, Miu Miu all the big designer brands are there and their shops are so unique that even if you are not shopping, you will want to go and see the layout of the store and the surroundings.

 All over the area, the design district if filled with wonderful architecture which is one of my favorite things.  Sculptures, statues and fun walls make for great photo ops and backgrounds!  The most amazing thing guys is that this is only 30% of what it will be in the future.  The time that the owner Craig Robbins has invested in this area is unbelievable and I truly believe that Miami ’s Design District will become a place where fashion, art, and people all over the world come to share common interests and create wonderful things.

 With that being said, I am super excited for Art Basel in December.  Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time so you do not miss the big presentations.  There is also going to be a lot of performers/singers during Art Basel so this is your time to snatch some tickets and head to some cool performances.  Hope this inspires you to visit the Miami Design District more often and to see the artistic potential Miami has to give.  Check the MDD’s website for more shops, galleries and restaurants: http://www.miamidesigndistrict.net/ and most importantly, do not forget to hashtag your pics with the #atmdd tag.

Colombiamoda 2016 – Colombian designers are taking over

Each year Colombia’s Fashion Week takes place in Medellin, Colombia. Being the largest fashion tradeshow in Latin America and the event where the most wide-ranging offer and demand within the Fashion System comes together over business, fashion and knowledge.

This event is a must go for Malka, where once again we ratified the talent among our culture and people. We had the privilege to meet new upcoming designers which we absolutely fell in love with their work and pieces, pieces that will soon be available at bymalka.com. Our main goal is sharing these hidden gems with the entire world providing a unique shopping experience.

Although we currently only offer jewelry and accessories, we were mesmerized by the work of ready to wear and casual wear designers. Pepa Pombo along with her daughter Monica Holguin presented their Resort 2017 collection inspired by Brazil in the 1940’s, where colorful prints and form-fitting silhouettes predominated.

And Johana Ortiz, the Colombian “it girl” of the moment delighted us with a one-of-a-kind presentation at the Bibloteca Belén a space designed by the Japanese architect Hiroshi Naito, where the whole scenery was reflected by water. Once again with her feminine and romantic creations, we were enchanted by her flattering ruffles and off shoulder shirt signature look.

Without a doubt Colombiamoda is a fashion event not to be missed!

Image by Fashion Radicals

Swimwear and Summer-Friendly Jewelry

As we all know and have come to discover, summer is the best season of the year. With the sun and weather in our favor, it is impossible not to love this much acclaimed season. Every summer, people from all over the world head to the most popular destinations to enjoy the beach, pool or tanning chair. Fashion plays an important role in our day to day lives and we have come to discover that there is yet a new use you can give your jewelry this summer. It is no secret that while we all love going to these Caribbean which is why we should keep in mind that there are many ways to stay glammed up and most specifically, all jeweled’ up while one is constantly attending one of these beach style settings.

Jewelry is what takes one’s outfit from basic to va-va-voom and with certain pool and beach friendly pieces, you are in route to taking your outfit to a whole new level. Items such as face jewels by Body Bauble have become extremely popular since they are self-adhesive silver crystals that you can apply to you under eye or forehead. These kind of jewelry has been seen on faces such as supermodel Kendall Jenner and blogger Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What in events like Coachella. While a bit daring, these jewels would sure add spice to your regular bathing suit and cover up and for $10 the sheet, it is pretty hard to say no.

The next item that has had people raving all around the globe are body chains. The main reason behind this is because body chains are hot! Anyone can truly wear them and rock them, it is really more about the confidence. Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port and Rosie Huntington-Whitely are among the celebrities that have rocked the body chain trend. Brands such as Forever 21, ASOS, NastyGal always carry affordable versions of the popular body chain but if you are into something a bit fancier and more durable, check out Jacquie Aiche or Nordstrom.

Last but not least, my favorite accessory that helps spice up a summer outfits are chokers. Yes, you heard it right, chokers. They are a big thing right now and if you use them accordingly they can make you outfits pop. When it comes to chokers, by Malka has the greatest repertoire of chokers I have ever seen and I’m not just saying that because they are from Colombian designers (which are the bomb). I am truly saying that because they are unique pieces that will make you’re all white outfit while vacationing in Greece seem as if you were a Greek goddess yourself!

One of my favorite brands for chokers is Liza Echeverry. With her all gold Paloma choker (http://www.bymalka.com/product/paloma-choker/) or Emma pearl choker (http://www.bymalka.com/product/my-emma-choker-peal/), you will be dazzling anyone that crosses your path this summer. Finally, another huge favorite is Maria Paula Castillo’s emerald encrusted Malia choker (http://www.bymalka.com/product/malia-choker/) which would cause an impression pretty much anywhere you go.

Pick wisely this summer and remember not to be afraid to take risks when it comes to wearing accessories for summer. They will make your outfit stick out of the crowd and have you feeling more fabulous than ever!

Colombian Designers Taking The Lead

From Edgardo Osorio’s gorgeous shoe designs being created in Florence under the brand of Aquazzura, to the breathtaking jewelry designs by Paula Mendoza in New York City, it is no secret that Colombian designers are being heard all over the globe.

This is why we have decided to create this space where we unite these amazing emerging designers who have great potential and exquisite taste. Uniqueness, creativity and passion is what characterizes these hardworking artists who don’t cease to amaze with their one-of-a kind designs.  

As in Vogue Magazine’s own words: “One-of-a Kind Summer Clutches Straight from Colombia” referring to Mola Sasa colorful and chic designs. Designers Yasmin Sabat and Ines Sainz decided to give a twist to these traditional fabrics called Molas made by the Kuna indigenous communities of Colombia and Panama. Offering a unique and fresh clutch which can be styled from day to night, from a casual jeans attire to a cool evening outfit.

This is why we are proud to have Mola Sasa among our brands.

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