10 Coolest 2017 Coachella Trends!

These are the most popular trends at Coachella this year which you must adopt into your closet asap!

  1. Off the shoulder, its been already two years since this trend came back, and it is certainly not going away any time soon. Bare shoulders and arms where seen on shirts and dresses. Gives an elegant yet sensual look for any occasion.
  2. Mermaids, we all wanted be one when we were little, and deep inside we still do. From shell-shaped accessories to shimmering sequined garments imitating scales, this fun trend is here to stay!
  3. Fringe, we’ve seen it in handbags, shoes and all type of clothing. These loose threads will always give the perfect hippie-chic vibe to our outfits.
  4. Chunky platforms, thank God! Fashion has already started being more mindful with our feet’s well-being, providing multiple stylish sneakers, espadrilles, flat boots and the latest trend: platforms. Platforms are a comfortable alternative for those who don’t want to give up those extra inches.
  5. Bralettes, crop tops what? Bralettes are the new crop tops, shorter and sexier, simply put, bralettes are outdoor bras with a twist.
  6. Unicorn hair, oh yes! Not only does Starbucks now have a Unicorn Frappuccino, but now everyone is into rainbow-shiny hair.
  7. Space buns, the 90’s are back! The hair-style we all were obsessed with is back! Poppy Delavigne and Jessica Hart were both seen rocking this cool look.
  8. Fishnet tights, bold black nets, pastel bejeweled fishnets and even short ankle socks version were seen. Fishnet tights were seen everywhere!
  9. Colored lenses, yellow, pink, light blue, you name it. Retro sunglasses were seen all over thanks to designers like Gucci and Coach.
  10. Cowboy boots, bring those Daisy Dukes out! Paired with floral dresses, denim shorts, and rompers, gave outfits the coolest Coachella vibes.