Beach Approved: Palma Canaria

Palma Canaria is the most recent creation of mother-daughter duo Monica Arbelaez and Juliana Quintero, who have designed the trendiest pool and beach essentials every Colombian fashionista wants right now.

Their unique designs are a refreshing alternative for those who want classic yet fun pieces with catchy words like: “HOT”, “WHATEVER”, “AMOUR” and our favorite “LA FANTASTICA” referring to Colombia’s Caribbean magical city Cartagena La Fantastica.  Some clutches or pieces also have inspiring poetry passages as well as creative figures such was lemons, flamingos, watermelons, crabs and other tropical creatures or elements.

Monica and Juliana design from beach bags, handbags, clutches to hats, espadrilles and hand fans.  Each item is 100% handcrafted in natural iraca palm fiber by Colombian artisans.

This is only Palma Canaria’s first collection, and we can help but want EVERYTHING!