Feb - 2018
Carolina Velasquez
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V Day

Valentines Day, the day where we should all celebrate love, but why not celebrate love every day? Some people claim its more of a commercial holiday instead of an actual holiday, but let’s face it… who doesn’t love a nice dinner, chocolates, flowers or just snuggle with your loved one watching a movie and ordering in?

And who says you can only celebrate Valentines Day if you’re in a relationship? Why not have a girls night, a nice dinner with a friend, or just enjoy a delicious meal by yourself?

Here are some of our favorite activities for the famous V day:

– Picnic, enjoy some wine, cheese and crackers among a beautiful natural scenery.

– Going to the movies… There is always a special romantic or love movie debuting on V day or the weekend before.

– Cook or bake, leave all technology aside and just cook a delicious dish with your loved one.

– Spa day, treat both of you to a relaxing couple massage, facial or treatment.

– Try something different, something you guys have never experienced before, like skydiving, bungee jumping.

Just remember! All these activities can also be done any day, express your love and creativity on any given occasion, and enjoy life with your loved one, friends and family!

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