What Trends to Leave in 2019

It’s a new year, so let’s focus not only on a new you, but on what trends to leave in 2019. We all know some trends should disappear. The year 2020 should have a focus on modesty and natural beauty when it comes to your appearance. Clean out your closet, throw away the clothes you’ve had for years, and say hello to 2020.

Leave the Bell Sleeves to the 1970s Era

You won’t be able to walk into your local department store – or any store for that matter – and find these shirts. In fact, some people believe that this particular trend shouldn’t have been resurrected. These shirts originated in the 1970’s era and bode well for festivals, concerts, and themed parties. Suede, bell bottoms, and bell sleeves were the definition of fashion in the 1970s.

Ditch the Boxy Crop Tops

When looking for something figure-flattering, these shirts aren’t your best options. They show off your stomach but they don’t compliment anyone. They most definitely don’t compliment your figure. It’s time to say, “hasta luego” to these shirts and bury them deep with 2019.

If you want to wear crop tops during the summer in 2020, find some that are fitting and that flatter your figure – but please, nothing too short.

Get Rid of the Plaid

The only thing that matches plaid is plaid. Let’s ditch the plaid and stick with simple floral patterns or just solid colors. Yeah, plaid became a hot trend in 2018 and 2019, but let’s let it go in 2020, empty your closet and get rid of the plaid!

Unlike other closet staples, you can’t wear plaid all the time because it’s the type of fashion that is memorable. You can wear the same blue jeans 3 times a week without a second glance, but the same cannot be said for a plaid skirt. Why have something in your closet that you can wear only a few times a year? The history of plaid attire dates back thousands of years, so we think it’s time to leave it behind.

Say Bye to Oversized

Bigger is no longer better for the new year. Why would we want to wear oversized tees with oversized shorts, or even jewelry? If you decide to bring in oversized clothing please make sure you pair your oversized tee with a pair of skinny jeans, but let’s hope you leave the oversized in the past.

Rather than opting for big clothing, opt for a big statement. Clothing sets are a great way to add comfort and style to your wardrobe this year.

Ditch the Biker Shorts and Yoga Pants 

In 2020, biker shorts and yoga pants should be used for exactly what they were made for. Most of these pieces are cheaply made and consequently, unflattering. Maybe it shows off your curves, but it should never be apart of your daily fashion. If you want to keep them, go for it, just please leave them for exercise-use only.

The year 2020 could do without these trends. The “new year, new me” is a typical saying, but let’s focus on “new year, new trends” too. No more of those boxy crop tops or old, unflattering patterns; 2020 is the year to let your fashion grow.

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